Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Me .. Blogging?

Been reading a few blogs and decided, hmmm this sounds fun ... so what the heck!

Vital Stats
Dude, mid twenties, Chinese Canadian, Good looking wise ass

What is this Blog about?
A journal and guide for my online gambling habits and how to "OWN" the casinos.

Sites to Bookmark NOW!

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Casino Ownage or Imageinnet Gaming - These are my two sites. Haven't had the time (lazy) to do up an actual site for them yet. If you want to explore the world of online casinos, namely BlackJack, check out those two sites. The casinos on there are the best and most profitable on the net because of their bonuses. Some of them, I can also give a little kickback through neteller if you go through my links. :) For strategies on BlackJack, visit http://www.wizardofodds.com Any questions, just ask away, I'm here to help you own Casinos!

My Online Gambling History
"But poker is not gambling, it's a game of skill if you're good" Shut Up, only those who want others to think they know what they're talking about say that. Poker is gambling, plain and simple, and I love it! :) Mix some skill in it, and it's all good!

My first online poker experience was in May 2004 though Party Poker courtesy of PokerSourceOnline. I didn't really want to play online poker, all I wanted was a free chipset! I struggled a bit, lost $20, cashed out, received my chipset within the week. Score!! What a promo, $20 for a chipset, which at that time were $100+.

I didn't play again until one of PSO's next promos in August: a nice poker table top through Gaming Club to go along with my chipset. Came out of there with a nice profit, and my free gift.

The rest is history, $1000+ free gifts from PSO, bankroll is now $12k+, and everything from now on will be in writing.