Monday, September 22, 2008

I love to torture myself

Started the hand in 2nd chip position. ep big stack raise, i 3bet in mp with KK, folds around and he shoves. If for whatever reason I fold there I would have ended up in 4th chip position. So I called and end up against AA.

Monday, September 08, 2008

I own WPT seat bubbling

Another WPT seat bubble for me. Weird, I played like crap the first hour, just donking off my chips, not really into it. Was down to like 2000 chips (10,000 to start) after 15mins I think. After that poker got easy, and had the chip lead with 20 to go. Final table I kept losing to shorties and when 5 handed it got down to two big stacks and 3 smallish (12 bbs or less) stacks including myself. Eliminated 5th, AT > Q7. Now the 4th place guy kept surviving his allins, including J8 > AK. My downfall ended up being an $11k flip. 99 <>
Win a wpt seat one time! Only a month left.
The rest of my sunday tournies were crap. ipoker $2.5 million I was completely card dead. Went out in 500ish. Pokerroom $500k I was dominating, until I kept losing at the end just shy of the $. Same with the pokerroom $20k rehab.