Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hey I actually played some Poker this weekend!

Its been a while since I've sat down and played some ring game pokah. Did the following this weekend. Finished off my Gaming Club reload, earn enough stars for the 2 Titan Freerolls (1 curtousy of PokerSourceOnline, qualify for the Paradise million freeroll.

Gaming club finished up $170 after $100 bonus.
Titan up $200 after $30 bonus.
Paradise up $150. Qualified for 2 freerolls

So a nice weekend on the cash tables.

1st paradise freeroll, busted out when my AQ TPTK lost to a flush that somehow called with those odds. Playing the 2nd freeroll as I type.
Party tournies: 3rd in a $30 sng for $60. CPC qualifer knocked out early. QQ vs 33. Caught a 7 for his straight on the river.
Came 4th in a Step Higher tourney, repeat Step 1.
Titan Maui, came in 3rd.

This is how not to play in a Party Step tourney.
4 players left:
EP limps in
I hold JJ and limp in. (Reasoning: next player likes to push on weak entries, has done it numerous times)
SB: surprisingly just limps in.
BB: check

Flop comes 10 high.

SB: check
BB: allin
UTG: allin

I have them both covered by a little, and me being a super pussy tonight decide to fold. BB turns over 10x, UTG turns over A10. WTF was I thinking. Could have knocked both of them out and qualified for the next level. STupid ass me, ended up 3rd = nothing.

Check your mail for an InterCasino cd. Contains the code marvel for a free $10 to play on their marvel casinos. Finished the wr on that with $13, woohoo!

Breakaway Casino busted playing pontoon. For my last bet, I hit a pontoon, and then the dealer hits his pontoon. Thats why I hate RTG.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Absolute Poker Skin Design Contest!

I'm sure everybody complains about the Ugliness of Absolute poker, though they have improved from when they first launched. Now you can change the table skins! Now Absolute has a contest - $500 for the best skin design. Poker Source Online has a contest as well! Winner gets 10k points ($100)

Here is my submission - Absolute skin

Yes I'm not a designer, but no real touchup required!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Finally, my 1st MTT Win!!!

After a year and a half of playing, finally got my first MTT win. Though not my biggest win, this one still feels better. Finally got that damn monkey off my back. I almost blew it too! Played an amazing final table game. Didn't lose a hand before heads up. Made some great laydowns preflop, JJ, 99, both times somebody else had KK. Won all my steals, and all my allins, and didn't require any bad beats to do so.
When it came down to Heads Up I almost blew it! 9to1 chip advantage, but I kept losing to top pair. He had about a 3to1 now, and after some steals got back to pretty much even. Made him put me allin with me holding AK and him KJ. AK held up. On the next hand I finished him off with K high I believe.
This was on, probably the site with the best tourney structures on the net. I guess I'll continue tourneys on that site!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

SitnGo roll!

Doing pretty good in my sitngos lately, won 3/5. Unfortunately they were all on lower limits, but at least one goes toward the Titan Maui promotion. The other 2 wins were on a site where I just needed a few more $ to get in a larger tourney. Turned $11 to $33 with ease, score!

Finished up my Bet365 reload, should be done my Inter, Littlewoods, and SuperVegas this week as well.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Got my ass handed to me!

Guess it was bound to happen, haven't had a nice losing ring game day in a while. Last night on Eurobet, lost about $120 playing $50NL and $100NL. These suckers that I was making pretty good $ on finally caught their cards. Got my KK cracked by K5, wtf! AA cracked by KQ. AKs raise and a reraise and still 6 people in the pot, eventually won by 33 on a flopped set.

Action for the week: Eurobet reload (still), Bet365 Nov reload, InterCasino, Littlewoods, Victor Chandler, Poker Blue ring and mtt, BPT mtt.