Monday, April 14, 2008

A real post!

Been a while since I've made a real post without any shilling! Just wanted to give an update on my poker life. I still suck at donkaments, I still own at satellites, I still suck at Pokerstars WSOP steps, I'm decent at regular sitngos, my NL cash game is playing well just have to get my hands to hold, my limit cash game is still owning (unfortunately 20/40 on cake doesn't run enough).

Took my money out of Poker Heaven and Paradise Poker due to the Boss / Poker Trillion dispute. This is just in case, I don't want my money locked up as I have a good chunk on Heaven. Too bad, their cash games are still juicy, and I sorta enjoy the 5max tables.

Action poker network 50x tournament was a sham. They eventually let it all players who deposited and played a qualifying sit and go. 150+ players and stalling began after 5 exits. I think I was one of the top 5 out. With 8 minute blinds and 1500 starting chips, I wasn't going to let go of KQ on a QJT board. 100th would have paid out $200, but I was more interested in the $10k 1st payout.

I might completely take a break from tournaments for a while, I can't seem to run well in them at all. Maybe I'm just putting too much pressure on myself to win a WSOP seat. Reminds me, haven't played a BBT3 tourney in many weeks now, I should start again, maybe next week though.

Cash games I just need a heater. I feel as if i'm making the +ev decision in most hands i'm involved with. Still need to work on extracting max amounts. I've been getting hands, hitting hands, flopping sets, but not getting paid off on them, especially sets. Been a long time since i've gone set vs overpair.

Started reading Harrington on Cash Volume 1. 1/2 way through it and wow, this might be one of the worst books I have ever read. Perhaps I'm just disappointed since HOH MTT was so valuable. Does Harrington even play cash games? Has he ever played an online game? I don't really know what I expected, but it feels like asking Wayne Gretzky to coach the Toronto Raptors. wtf. His pansy ass approach towards cash games is not how you make money. He fails to realize that NL cash games is a game of stacks. You attempt to win the big pots, not the little ones. Another peeve is that a lot of his examples are off High Stakes Poker (the tv show). C'mon, your using examples that are pretty much irrelevant to the readers of your book. Praising Doyle's play of cold calling on the SB with 1 caller already behind you on a definate call in the BB (Elezera calls with ATC at that point).

Picked up UFC83 tickets, so buddies and I are off to Montreal for the weekend. Going to be some sick parties and a sick event. Going to be crazy loud when GSP walks to the octagon. Can't wait, WAR GSP!!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

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