Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend Update

Big Sunday Tournament day was pretty much a disappointment

1) PokerShare $25k $100 - Busted when Ace high flush chased a runner runner.
2) Paradise $40k $30R&A - Busted short of $. 1 Beginning rebuy, 1 addon.
3) PokerShare $5k $50 - Busted out 8th. JTs vs J9. I went allin with with 2 ragged flop and 2 diamonds on the board. Didn't improve.
4) Titan $3k $10 - Busted out 15th. Should have had my 2nd straight Final Table for that Titan Tournament promotion. AK vs AT, all in preflop. I was 14/15 but everyone was pretty close. 4 to a flush did me in. This pissed me off.
5) Mansion Poker Dome Final - Busted out 36th. No hands to talk about, I just never hit any flops.
6) Dream Poker Cash - I suck, lost $100. Never again will I play a Prima cash game, I promise this time. Only reason I did this time was for that $15k freeroll.
7) Pinnacle - $50 on the Giants +3. Eli pulls it off in the 4th qtr!

Good and bad results, was about -$115 on Sunday. With regards to my $8k 2 month target, I'm still slightly ahead. Actually doing pretty well considering all the days I haven't been playing. Only played 4/7 days this week. On a $36/hr rate. I still need a nice tourney win though.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

1 Down 2 to Go

Titan Poker has a promo right now, if you Final Table 3 of their specified tournies in a row, you are entered into a $1million 20seat tourney with $25k guaranteed. Interesting promotion, though I think it may take a while for the 20 seats to fill up. Well I played my 1st one tonight, finished a nice 2nd for $400ish. It was only a $10 $2k guaranteed. I think I was the best player at the final table, I kept mixing it up. Would have had a commanding chip lead if dude had not decided to call my allin preflop with his KTs against my JJ. That put me at the low range of stacks, but I fought back up. The eventual winner was Mr. A Rag, I dunno how many times he got lucky with that. When it came to headsup he had a 3.5:1 advantage. My eventual outage was K8 vs AK. K8x on the flop, slowplayed it to the river. River produced an A. I'm out, oh well.

Also managed to qualify for the Mansion Poker Dome Final again this sunday. My PokerStars WCOOP qualifiers were a different story though. Busted out in 3 of them, including one rebuy one which I thought would be a cinch. I was doing pretty good, but then I realized it was a turbo one. I had a nice stack after the addon, but didn't realize how fast the blinds were moving up. Was playing 4 other tables at that time, and I just screwed it up. I don't think I'll be playing WCOOP this year. Not ready to directly buyin to the events, hopefully next year.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose!

Actually it was more like, Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, Win! for me last night.

1) WPTOnline Canadian Poker Open satellite (stt). Top 2 move to the next stage, 3rd gets $ back. I came 3rd. No biggie, went in with short stack, outkicked with Qx.

2) Bluffers League (small mtt). Top 3 pay. Came in 5th. Big hand, AK lost to KJ when KJ flopped broadway. Next hand pushed with QJ, called with 98s. Flopped an 8.

3) Poker Savvy Freeroll (small mtt). Top 3 pay. Came in 5th. KQ vs K2s. Buddy calls my pf raise, Q high + 2 hearts on the table. He pushes, I call. River Heart. GG

1) Poker in Canada WPT Niagara satellite (stt). Won, moved on to stage 3 ($210). I had 1 suckout TT vs QQ. Most of the other times my better hands held up.

I should have cashed in those mtts though, was playing well enough to.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Good and the Bad

Here is my weekend recap

MTT play: Played in 6 mtts over the weekend and cashed in on 4 of them.
- Empire $20k - 200ish/2500. Bottom of the $
- PokerShare: $10 rebuy. Finished 11th. $80
- Mansion Poker Dome Final: Finished 7th. $144. Top 2 would have gotten seats.
- Stars WCOOP sat (limit): Busted midway
- Paradise WPT Qualifier - won rebuy mtt
- Paradise WPT Final - Finished 90th

I started to get into rebuy tournies, and so far im 2for2. Not going to try out the big ones yet as I don't think I've played enough yet, but I'm liking them now. I think the key is to pickout the crazy rebuyers. Those who are going to always rebuy, and for some reason only rebuy the 1 buyin. I think I knocked out the same guy 5 times to build up my stack. Was calling and pushing him with garbage where I knew I would still have the edge. Ace rags, or if I made a pair on the flop I would still push him as I knew he would call with nothing.

I also played a couple home games on saturday at a friends BBQ. Won both of those! :)

So I've gone pretty deep in my mtts lately, problem is I'm not winning. Making good decisions and picking my spots. Dissappointed in my mansion result, considering the field I should have won a spot on the show. Crippled myself early, then got back up, then back down with TPTK when I tried isolating the opener, and last to act pushed with his set. Odds forced me to call. One of the eventual seat winners was a donkey. He was my doubleupper. Though he was also the one who decided to call with his 66 underpair with 5 overcards and I was playing like I had paired my Ace.

With the Paradise event, I just couldn't hit any flops. The only big hand I would have won is with TT. EP standard raise, I call in MP, LP big raise, EP push, I fold, LP call. AA vs KK. T on the flop. I eventually went out AKs vs TT. 2 hearts on the flop, but I couldn't hit either the turn or the river. Goodbye. I think this tourney started too late, 10pm on a Sunday night.

The PokerShare rebuy tourney I felt I should have won as well. Was playing good, but the blinds just got too high. Was a turbo game. Lost 1/2 my stack with TT vs AK (weird, I lost on both sides of this scenario). That left me with 2M. Tried to steal with someone who just had me covered, didn't work.

I'm planning to play some Real $ events this week. My plan is too only Sat into "Live events" and buy directly into $ events to save time. Other than big $ events, $500+. I'll still play Pokerstars Double Shootouts though, I think they are still worthwhile. I decided not to play the Stars 1mil this week just due to the start time of the Paradise WPT. 4pm was my Pokerdome and 10pm for the WPT event. I'd be playing all day and would be worn out at 10. Will definately be playing more Rebuy events as well. Try it out, I used to hate them, but they are growing on me.

Hopefully all the emails of encouragement will help me out ...

"Good luck actyper!" - stupid spammers

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

RIP Steve Irwin

RIP Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. Crikey thats some terrible news, I enjoyed watching his programing. I think that if I grew up in Australia, I'd be very much like him. I'm an animal lover, especially the dangerous and reptillian variety. At least he left the earth doing something he loved.

I shouldn't have played yesterday. 4-5hrs of pretty much wasted time. Finished at break even, +/-$5 or so. What a waste of time. Should have stuck to playing some new xbox game I picked up, Saints Row. Supposed to be some Grand Theft Auto clone/killer. Pretty cool so far, just finished stealing ho's from other pimps. My character doesn't really look like me though, not like Tiger Woods where I could make it pretty close.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Minor Day 2 & 3 + Ben's out!

Not much play the last 2 days, had stuff to do. About 2 hrs alltogether. -$43 in cash games, +$72 from 2 Titan Rios, and +$70 from InterCasino.

$351 Total
$393 Target
-11% to Target. Not playing hurts.

On a side note, get your hedges in for the Mansion bet. Ben Roethlisberger is going to miss the season opener! Unless you have faith in Charlie Batch. :)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

$8k Challenge Day 1

61 Days between Sep 1 and Oct 31, which translates into $131 profit per day to reach $8k.

Cash Games - Poker in Canada 5/10L, Sun 2/4L, 1/2NL
= +$17.
Summary: Pretty boring play, nothing exciting, was really concentrating on it.

SNG - Titan Rio $24
= -$24
Summary: Busted out 4th, committed myself with KQo

MTT - Empire $20k Guar, Stars $20 180, Stars DS $1mil sat
= +$269
Summary: Stars 180 busted out early with TT. Empire finished in 23rd. 2500 players. Could have done better but made some questionable laydowns. Had 88, and laid down to a BB allin protect. Eventually short stacked, went in on the button with A7o. I have to lay off the Arag in short stack situations. Won my Stars Double shootout pretty easily.

Day 1 Total = +$262 200% on target.