Sunday, September 03, 2006

Minor Day 2 & 3 + Ben's out!

Not much play the last 2 days, had stuff to do. About 2 hrs alltogether. -$43 in cash games, +$72 from 2 Titan Rios, and +$70 from InterCasino.

$351 Total
$393 Target
-11% to Target. Not playing hurts.

On a side note, get your hedges in for the Mansion bet. Ben Roethlisberger is going to miss the season opener! Unless you have faith in Charlie Batch. :)


jl514 said...

one of these days you're going to hit the rio jackpot. then you're going to start playing fort knox's. then you're going to win that too. Then i will continue to mooch of your poker skill to make up for my lack there of

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck. The line is now at PIT +1. I locked my bet at PIT -5. The early bird didn't get the worm this time. Its not even worth it to hedge for me.

On a side note, Actyper is there a reason you don't have Ritz Club Casino on your ownage site? Monthly 100GBP bonus with 40XB wr sounds pretty damn good. Is there a limit to the number of Cryptos you can whore before you get bonus banned?

actyper said...

Yeah I locked it in at -5 as well. But I ended up hedging, so it doesn't really matter now.

At pickem, I'm not sure I would hedge, might be worth the gamble to go for the $1k.

I can't remember why I didn't put ritz club up. Was neteller prohibited? I'll check it out again. Do they still allow craps play?

actyper said...

oh and no, you should be able to whore as many cryptos as you want.

jl514 said...

I got my bet locked at +1. LETS GO PITT

actyper said...

No neteller for Ritz Club. Looks like it might be risk free like the other cryptos though.