Saturday, September 16, 2006

1 Down 2 to Go

Titan Poker has a promo right now, if you Final Table 3 of their specified tournies in a row, you are entered into a $1million 20seat tourney with $25k guaranteed. Interesting promotion, though I think it may take a while for the 20 seats to fill up. Well I played my 1st one tonight, finished a nice 2nd for $400ish. It was only a $10 $2k guaranteed. I think I was the best player at the final table, I kept mixing it up. Would have had a commanding chip lead if dude had not decided to call my allin preflop with his KTs against my JJ. That put me at the low range of stacks, but I fought back up. The eventual winner was Mr. A Rag, I dunno how many times he got lucky with that. When it came to headsup he had a 3.5:1 advantage. My eventual outage was K8 vs AK. K8x on the flop, slowplayed it to the river. River produced an A. I'm out, oh well.

Also managed to qualify for the Mansion Poker Dome Final again this sunday. My PokerStars WCOOP qualifiers were a different story though. Busted out in 3 of them, including one rebuy one which I thought would be a cinch. I was doing pretty good, but then I realized it was a turbo one. I had a nice stack after the addon, but didn't realize how fast the blinds were moving up. Was playing 4 other tables at that time, and I just screwed it up. I don't think I'll be playing WCOOP this year. Not ready to directly buyin to the events, hopefully next year.

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