Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend Update

Big Sunday Tournament day was pretty much a disappointment

1) PokerShare $25k $100 - Busted when Ace high flush chased a runner runner.
2) Paradise $40k $30R&A - Busted short of $. 1 Beginning rebuy, 1 addon.
3) PokerShare $5k $50 - Busted out 8th. JTs vs J9. I went allin with with 2 ragged flop and 2 diamonds on the board. Didn't improve.
4) Titan $3k $10 - Busted out 15th. Should have had my 2nd straight Final Table for that Titan Tournament promotion. AK vs AT, all in preflop. I was 14/15 but everyone was pretty close. 4 to a flush did me in. This pissed me off.
5) Mansion Poker Dome Final - Busted out 36th. No hands to talk about, I just never hit any flops.
6) Dream Poker Cash - I suck, lost $100. Never again will I play a Prima cash game, I promise this time. Only reason I did this time was for that $15k freeroll.
7) Pinnacle - $50 on the Giants +3. Eli pulls it off in the 4th qtr!

Good and bad results, was about -$115 on Sunday. With regards to my $8k 2 month target, I'm still slightly ahead. Actually doing pretty well considering all the days I haven't been playing. Only played 4/7 days this week. On a $36/hr rate. I still need a nice tourney win though.


Omenic said...

I missed the $8k in two month target post. When did you post that?

Are you updating a thread with results on that?

Either way good luck.

actyper said...

End of August I made that post. I've had a couple of update posts since. This sunday i'll do another $ update post.