Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sept in Review

So Sept is done, and I guess I did ok. I still fell short in my $8k in 2 months target. To be on target I needed to make $3,934. I made $3,544. -10%. I blame a lack of playing time though, as I still had a good $62/hr in 57 total hours. What was disappointing was my MTT figures. A bunch of cashes, final tables, a 2nd, a win, but no major wins. Couldn't break 4 digits in any of them. The good thing was that I was a plus on all the categories, cash games, sit n gos, mtts, casino, and others. I guess extra $ for sportsbetting helped!

Do I think I'm going to hit my target, I dunno. I don't think I'm going to be able to play today, none next sunday for sure (Thanksgiving), and not too sure about the following sunday as well. Might have to play some bigger friday tournies instead then.

Good luck gambling in October, and a big FAWK YOU to all republicans who are backing this ban!


Anonymous said...


Where are you in terms of your $30K target for 2006?

Premierbet casino bonus was a grind. Cashed out at 315GB pounds; but will probably lose around $20US due to the Neteller conversion fees. Son of a bitch.

actyper said...

I'm at about $15k or so for the year, not even close. I need a sweet tourney win to hit that target.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, it wasn't just the Republicans that voted that voted in favour of a poker ban (aye) ,and who voted to protect poker (nay).

Heres a link:

I don't know what to think. The Florida Republican congressman who sent inappropriate emails to a teenage boy voted to protect poker. (Mark Foley) :0

actyper said...

Yeah your right, screw all the guys who are in favour of this. Theres got to be some psycho poker players out there, show up at the Frist residence with an AK47. Or hire that sniper dude.

andy said...

with the amount of money 2p2 members make we can easily cough up a few $k to wack this guy (j/k FBI)