Friday, October 27, 2006

Showing your hand, sometimes it works!

Last night in the FullTilt $10k, which ended up being almost $20k, I got my ass worked, big time. Nice stack, 2nd highest on the table, about 30/200 at this point, I decide to tango with the table chip leader, Canadian poker pro Lynette Chan.

Blinds 200/400
Lynette raises to $1k in MP.
Me in SB with KQs reraises to 2500.
BB Folds.
She Calles.

Flop: Axx

CB of 2500, she calls.

Turn: Q

I play like whats in between her legs and give up on the hand and check the turn, even though it improves my hand. She bets out, I fold. She shows T9.

That puts me in a sour mood, and I lose my aggressiveness which got me all those chips. Had to settle for bottom level money. Screwed up my Stars 180 games as well which I felt I could have one, settled for 4th. Not very Booya!


jl514 said...

screw the money! go for the glory! push against the chick!

jl514 said...

jk. I like your laydown.