Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dry Action?

How is everybody's experience playing on sites without Americans? Played some Sun Poker cash games, and I thought it was much looser before, even with all the bonus whores. I couldn't get that much action even on the $200nl SH tables. I guess that was a good thing for me though, I ran into 4 sets and a straight flush (with me hold A high flush, a made straight, and a Royal draw). Ended up down for the night, after several consecutive positive cash game results.

Was also hoping that guarantees tournies would stay at the same levels for a bit longer, they havent. Party big sunday is down to $200k, The Sun daily $5k is now $2k, Titan has cut most of their guarantees in half. Not too happy with titan right now, they removed their 8pm est tourney that qualifies for the tournament titan. Now the only weekday tournies are in the afternoon. I complained to them and they said they would put it back, but that was last weekend, and I haven't seen an update to their site yet. Plus their jackpot sitngos take foreever to fillup now, and they've gotten tighter. I think I"m done with those.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't played poker all that much in the past month. Casino whoring has occupied most of my free time; still haven't finished the top 10 list yet.

I did get a $30 restricted bonus from Party. I noticed Party has stopped listing how many players are online now though. I'm guessing that traffic at Party is now in the same range of Paradise and Absolute now. Probably going to finish the bonus off at PartyCasino.

P.S.: Top ten list needs to be updated. CON should not be #1. Slow software (310 hands/hr), Neteller bias, slow cashouts.