Sunday, February 25, 2007

I run not goot + boycott Titan Poker!

Titan Poker has just removed neteller completely for its customers. Thanks for the warning cock smokers! Just requested a bank draft, goodbye titan forever!

Extremely frustrated by tournies this week. Stupid shit like having Aces cracked by 45o and Q3s screws me up. Deep into tournies I'm running into Kings. A lot of opponent river catches is just making it worse. MTT variance sucks!!!!

The only semi good thing is that I finished 4th in step 6 party sng steps. Good for $500. This might have been the worst half of poker I have every played. Once it got down to 6 players (top 5 payout) I played like a pansy. I wanted to be the aggressor during the bubble, but it was too big of a bubble for me, no balls. It didn't help that the table consisted of 2 big stacks who were being the aggressors. I was 3rd in chips so I let the other guys do my job. By the time we got into the money I was down to < 3M. When it got down to 4 I was 2nd last in chips and could have snuck an extra $200 for 3rd, but I decided to go for the win instead. That is how I roll! :)

Maximum $25 buyins for tournies this week for me until I get my groove back.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday - Results

Happy Ash Wednesday! For some reason I feel lucky today. Time to Gamboool!

I"ll post tomorrow how I did tonight.

Lent, what is lent? Sounds like a bean. What am I going to give up for 40 days? Gambling, junk food, tv, video games? Nothing, absolutely nothing. What a weird custom.

Finished playing today. I guess it wasn't my lucky day.

Full Tilt $15k guar - 323/784
VIP Poker $15k rebuy - 200/242 (rebought once then gave up)
Empire $5k - 114/324
Interpoker 1/2NL - +$15 woohoo!
Pokerstars $18k - 47/1053 = $68.45. yeah!
- sick. Lost KK vs AA. KK is sweet anytime, but especially late stages. :(
Party Poker Step 5 - 1st. Onto Step 6. $500. 1st = $2k, 2nd = $1k, 3rd = $700 4-5 = $500

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A couple of freebies

Free Bluff Magazine Subscription
with min $100 deposit

Free Seat to a $1,500 Guaranteed Blackjack Tournament
with min $20 deposit

Wu Tang Clan aint nothing to F*** Wit!

Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan has just opened up his new poker site on the microgaming network!

$1k Freeroll on February 25th.

GFK Poker league!

Cash Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M get the money, dolla dolla bill ya'll!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What to drink while playing poker

What kind of water does a poker player drink?

Duh, Poker Water!

I promised to pimp this product

POKERWATER Health (tm) is an Advanced Immune System Support Dietary Supplement. A healthy immune system is the key to staying healthy in germ filled enviroments. This is why professional Poker player Brad "YUKON" Booth and professional Las Vegas Poker dealer Thomas Shue created POKERWATER Health (tm). It is specifically designed for poker players, craps shooters, slot players, dealers, floormen, chip runners, cashiers, and other employees. In general for anyone whom health is a concern. POKERWATER Health (tm) is a functional beverage that contains a certified blend of 21 herbs (each with a specfic function), all 5 electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamims, and GOJI - one of the worlds true Superfoods. Whether you drop in to see a show, rub elbows at the slots or gather at the tables, Drink this delicious, refeshing beverage and it will support your immune system defenses and defend against Germs, Bacteria, Cold & Flu Viruses.

Feel free to buy this product right off the site.

Americans can get a FREE sample!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Johnny Cash - Man in Black

Finally back in the black on cash game play for Feb. Had 4 $200NL SH tables going plus 1 3/6 limit game. I play the limit ones cause the mpps clear faster. Surprised a had a profitable day as it started off terribly. AA utg I raised to $8. Next player (moron that i've taken $ from before, though he's had a few suckouts before) calls and everybody else folds. 963 rainbow flop. I bet $12, he raises to $24. I call here with the intention of a check raise turn. I pretty much put him on a complete bluff or at best A9s. I can't even give him credit for an overpair. Turn is a Q. I check and he bets $75. Wow, score I thought, so I put the rest of my chips in. He didn't have much left but calls. Flips over Q9o. WTF. So I'm back down to $50. Eventually I get it back up to $100 mostly taking back $ from that guy, but lost it all afterward to another player on an overplay on my part.

The other tables I just ran over. At least doubling my buyin on each NL table, and a decent $100 profit on my limit one. Constant bullying on my part led to over the top bluff raises by them. Good thing is that most of the time they tried that I actually had a hand or made a hand! My favourite hand was me in the sb with A5o. I elect to just complete. BB min raises. Fine, easy call. Flop comes 55x. Check, $5, I raise to $12, he raises to $24, I raise to $70, he pops, easy call. Flips over JJ. Don't min raise me!

Milking the cows
How do you play this hand?

UTG raise to $8
UTG +1 calls
Me (CO) calls with 44
Button calls
SB calls
BB calls

Flop: K94 rainbow

Checked around to me. Check, or bet (what amount?)?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Satellite Zero

I'm not sure what happened but... I can't win satellites anymore! I'm 0fer in 2007. Already 0 for 3 in FTOPS, 0 for 2 is double shootout stars million, 0 for 2 in mansion domes, and an 0 for 1 in a absolute live event qualifier.

So what am I doing differently? Last year when my sat game was hot, my main event game was not. I think i'm running pretty good in mtts so far this year, so maybe theres a correlation. I guess I'm not switching my game enough to go from winning to qualifying and vice versa. Maybe I should screw qualifying, just buyin to these damn things. I guess its because I'm cheap and like things at a discout.

I think a lot has to do with mindset now that I think about it. Before it used to be a really want to qualify for this event and I actually concentrate on winning that satellite. Now its an afterthought, meh its just a qualifier. Can I change my mindset? I don't think so, this is the way I am. If I really don't give a rats ass about something, I don't think twice about it. Personal fault, probably.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Poker Tracker XL User Guide

USER GUIDE for Poker Tracker XL added. Any questions, let me know.

Monday, February 05, 2007


I guess its kinda cool if you have poker related discussions with others and my wife actually knows what I'm talking about!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl semi Chokage

Played 2 tourneys Sunday afternoon, but I still semi choked.

Mansion $100k

Played fairly well, had a nicer stack but then lost a few flips. Dropped down to the bottom 1/4 during the bubble and ITM area. Got it back up to top 20 when it got down to 40, but just ran out of cards. Went out AJ vs AA, thought LP was stealing.

VIP Poker $8k guar
Not sure why I even played this one. I opened up one of my prima rooms trying to waste my "leftover money". Saw a $20 tourney so I decided to play that. Accumulated chips easily, then lost some, then sucked out for a nice stack. When it got down to the bubble period I had a top 10 stack. Chip leader tries to bully me holding 44. I held QQ and took all his chips, making me the chip leader. Wow, I have never played a better big stack in my life. Stealing, raising, just plain old school yard bully. By the time the final table hit I had 20% of the chips. That didn't stop and between me and my nemesis we eliminated everybody else on the table.

This is where I choked, headsup.

I came in with a small lead. Then she took the lead after we both hit the same trips, but she out kicked me. Then my flush > her set. By that time I had a huge lead, she was under 50k, I had about 800k. From there she won every coin flip to draw back even. I couldn't believe it. Now it was approaching 6:30 I had a superbowl game to get to. So I played fast. She hit quad aces on me that took away some chips. I had one misplay where I let her catch a river straight. She would win all the big pots as my aggressive play took every other pot. I eventually lost K5s on a Kxsxs board. Top pair and flush draw lost to her flopped set. Heads up cost me $1.2k Oh well, still managed a decent cash.

Remember how I mentioned how I like to use my "leftover money" in rooms. Saw a tourney on Empire where I was about $5 short. Put my $47 into a 50NL room. First hand I get dealt quad 5s. Hello!!! Doubled up and left. Short and sweet!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Poker Tracker XL Uploaded

For those who want an online poker tracker / journal excel version, here it is. Full daily tracking by game type, table type, full statistics, bankroll tracking, and more. This should be a fully working version, with only bells and whistles to be added.

Please let me know any suggestions, errors, comments! Feel free to let others know about this if you like it!

Download it here or on the right sidebar. Enjoy!

Getting Started
Most important first step is to enter your balances for each room on the main page (Bankroll) in the "Opening Bankroll" column. This column should reflect your Jan 1 2007 opening bankroll. Now you'll have to play around with the Jan earnings/transactions etc so that your Feb will match up correctly.

Clear out the following:
Bankroll: C39:C76, P3, P4, F28, C31
Jan: I4:M14, O4:S14, X4:X*
Neteller: A6:E41

If you use any other depositing options you will have to create a new sheet and link it yourself similar to the neteller sheet.

I really wish I made this in Dec 06, would have made more sense.

If anybody needs a little help getting started, feel free to send me an email with your stats actyper @ or ask about msn.