Thursday, February 08, 2007

Satellite Zero

I'm not sure what happened but... I can't win satellites anymore! I'm 0fer in 2007. Already 0 for 3 in FTOPS, 0 for 2 is double shootout stars million, 0 for 2 in mansion domes, and an 0 for 1 in a absolute live event qualifier.

So what am I doing differently? Last year when my sat game was hot, my main event game was not. I think i'm running pretty good in mtts so far this year, so maybe theres a correlation. I guess I'm not switching my game enough to go from winning to qualifying and vice versa. Maybe I should screw qualifying, just buyin to these damn things. I guess its because I'm cheap and like things at a discout.

I think a lot has to do with mindset now that I think about it. Before it used to be a really want to qualify for this event and I actually concentrate on winning that satellite. Now its an afterthought, meh its just a qualifier. Can I change my mindset? I don't think so, this is the way I am. If I really don't give a rats ass about something, I don't think twice about it. Personal fault, probably.

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