Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday - Results

Happy Ash Wednesday! For some reason I feel lucky today. Time to Gamboool!

I"ll post tomorrow how I did tonight.

Lent, what is lent? Sounds like a bean. What am I going to give up for 40 days? Gambling, junk food, tv, video games? Nothing, absolutely nothing. What a weird custom.

Finished playing today. I guess it wasn't my lucky day.

Full Tilt $15k guar - 323/784
VIP Poker $15k rebuy - 200/242 (rebought once then gave up)
Empire $5k - 114/324
Interpoker 1/2NL - +$15 woohoo!
Pokerstars $18k - 47/1053 = $68.45. yeah!
- sick. Lost KK vs AA. KK is sweet anytime, but especially late stages. :(
Party Poker Step 5 - 1st. Onto Step 6. $500. 1st = $2k, 2nd = $1k, 3rd = $700 4-5 = $500


Chipper said...

I'm giving up abstainence and temperance for Lent. Woohoo!!!

actyper said...

Chipper, abstainence is never our choice. Always in the hand of the master.

Riverrun said...

I'm giving up