Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl semi Chokage

Played 2 tourneys Sunday afternoon, but I still semi choked.

Mansion $100k

Played fairly well, had a nicer stack but then lost a few flips. Dropped down to the bottom 1/4 during the bubble and ITM area. Got it back up to top 20 when it got down to 40, but just ran out of cards. Went out AJ vs AA, thought LP was stealing.

VIP Poker $8k guar
Not sure why I even played this one. I opened up one of my prima rooms trying to waste my "leftover money". Saw a $20 tourney so I decided to play that. Accumulated chips easily, then lost some, then sucked out for a nice stack. When it got down to the bubble period I had a top 10 stack. Chip leader tries to bully me holding 44. I held QQ and took all his chips, making me the chip leader. Wow, I have never played a better big stack in my life. Stealing, raising, just plain old school yard bully. By the time the final table hit I had 20% of the chips. That didn't stop and between me and my nemesis we eliminated everybody else on the table.

This is where I choked, headsup.

I came in with a small lead. Then she took the lead after we both hit the same trips, but she out kicked me. Then my flush > her set. By that time I had a huge lead, she was under 50k, I had about 800k. From there she won every coin flip to draw back even. I couldn't believe it. Now it was approaching 6:30 I had a superbowl game to get to. So I played fast. She hit quad aces on me that took away some chips. I had one misplay where I let her catch a river straight. She would win all the big pots as my aggressive play took every other pot. I eventually lost K5s on a Kxsxs board. Top pair and flush draw lost to her flopped set. Heads up cost me $1.2k Oh well, still managed a decent cash.

Remember how I mentioned how I like to use my "leftover money" in rooms. Saw a tourney on Empire where I was about $5 short. Put my $47 into a 50NL room. First hand I get dealt quad 5s. Hello!!! Doubled up and left. Short and sweet!


Guin said...

Man you call that choking when you are around me in real life and I will choke you for sure.

Keep on dominating all these tournaments.

actyper said...

lol nice! I'll prob hit the nutz as soon as it starts warming up. Man its cold here!

MathP said...

It kind of scares me how winning 2k counts as choking now :)

Nice shot. It's my turn to catch up now.

Gold999 said...

Very nice scores!