Sunday, June 07, 2009

WSOP shipament x2

BBT4 TOC tonight.

Oh well, already got my seat! :)

Oh thanks to Al, FT, and the BBT I just got my 2nd seat.

I think the first key was that a sat out most of the 1st hour. Seemed like a waste to play much then, and wanted to rest up, eat dinner, just chill for a bit. After the first break I pretty much turned it on. Had a yo-yo stack for much of the first few hrs as I was opening up a lot on a rather passive table. Made a good read on a hand with Smokee, with a bluff catcher for lots of chips. Once I got it up there, pretty much stayed top 3 for the rest of the tourney.

FT I was able to agro it up as most didn't want to leave with nothing. Used my stack on a few hands and pretty much got lucky when people pushed or raised me when I actually had hands. A flopped set on Hoyazo's utg raise, after getting all his chips after that hand, I knew it was a lock for the seat. CK gutted me on a flopped set earlier, I think that was the only big hand I lost. Final 4 time, I knocked out Karma(sp) 88 > AQ? Down to 3, ck shoved with somewhere around 8bbs. I looked down at Q8 and figured I had to make the call with our stack sizes, even though her range was probably a lot smaller than standard in that spot. She flipped over Ax. Lucky 8 on the turn, and river blanked.

Ship the wsop seat! GG all and thanks again to alcanthang and ft.