Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One good thing about the ban ...

It looks like Poker Source Online is now opening up the FREE MONEY - NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED promotion to many new INTERNATIONAL customers!

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Showing your hand, sometimes it works!

Last night in the FullTilt $10k, which ended up being almost $20k, I got my ass worked, big time. Nice stack, 2nd highest on the table, about 30/200 at this point, I decide to tango with the table chip leader, Canadian poker pro Lynette Chan.

Blinds 200/400
Lynette raises to $1k in MP.
Me in SB with KQs reraises to 2500.
BB Folds.
She Calles.

Flop: Axx

CB of 2500, she calls.

Turn: Q

I play like whats in between her legs and give up on the hand and check the turn, even though it improves my hand. She bets out, I fold. She shows T9.

That puts me in a sour mood, and I lose my aggressiveness which got me all those chips. Had to settle for bottom level money. Screwed up my Stars 180 games as well which I felt I could have one, settled for 4th. Not very Booya!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Razor Collectables Poker Cards

I dunno why, I bought a box of these off of eBay. Collectable I guess. Not sure why I like to collect things, I just do. Ended up with a Josh Arieh and Chris Moneymaker autographed cards. Yeah.

Collecting sports cards was fun as a kid. Opening these packs up brought back memories.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dry Action?

How is everybody's experience playing on sites without Americans? Played some Sun Poker cash games, and I thought it was much looser before, even with all the bonus whores. I couldn't get that much action even on the $200nl SH tables. I guess that was a good thing for me though, I ran into 4 sets and a straight flush (with me hold A high flush, a made straight, and a Royal draw). Ended up down for the night, after several consecutive positive cash game results.

Was also hoping that guarantees tournies would stay at the same levels for a bit longer, they havent. Party big sunday is down to $200k, The Sun daily $5k is now $2k, Titan has cut most of their guarantees in half. Not too happy with titan right now, they removed their 8pm est tourney that qualifies for the tournament titan. Now the only weekday tournies are in the afternoon. I complained to them and they said they would put it back, but that was last weekend, and I haven't seen an update to their site yet. Plus their jackpot sitngos take foreever to fillup now, and they've gotten tighter. I think I"m done with those.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Continuing to build my stack

Played some more tourneys last night, but still looking for some good results. Building my stack doesn't seem to be a problem, I guess I'm trying to hold hit. At one point I was in the top 3 in chips in 4 out of 5 tournies. Taking some beats to bring me down though.

Me 10k, Villian 8k. AQ. Flop Axx. Check, Continuation bet, allin. I fold as I'm new to the table. I'm pretty sure I did have the best hand though.
A few hands later, same thing happens with the same villian. Except flop is Qxx. This time I call and he flips over TT. Runner runner flush kills my stack.

So out of the 5 tournies I played, could only cash 2 of them, and only 1 FT worth $200 for my 7th. I'm still sucking in the pokersourceonline league. Omenic won last night. I think I saw every flop last night but couldn't hit a single one.

BTW, got a RAF bonus for Jerry H and Ganesh G for the BetWWTS bet last week. Message me your picks.

Beta Blogger is cool. Instant publishing. My cookies aren't working properly though, so I have to relogon each time.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Attacking the weak during late stages

I haven't done an analysis/strategy post in a while, so here is one and let me know what you think.

My recent chip building tournament strategy has been working pretty good lately. I've had good early success and pretty often have held the chip lead in early to mid stages of an mtt. I'm noticing that my current struggles are in the late mid stages, which I would describe as pre-bubble. Not quite the bubble period, but the portion right before it. Final 3rd table, or if 20 pay, in the 40s, etc...

The hands I'm getting burned on is when I'm being overly aggressive preflop. When I'm sensing weakness in position, with almost any 2, I've been unleashing my fury upon their limped biscuits. Often times I'm fighting weakness with weakness. Normally they fold, but sometimes they call. And lately, they've hit their flops. Perhaps I'm doing it too much, and should be more selective as to hands to do it with. One thing I know I shouldn't be doing but still do it is with Ace rag. I would much rather being doing it with a connected that a hand that I will most likely be dominated if called.

One hand I remember from the weekend, 30 left, and I'm somewhere 5-10th in chips. 2 limpers and I'm on the button with A3. I pop it to a big number (can't remember the exact number but it was more than 2xpot). 2nd limper calls, which tells me most likely holding is a small pp. Flop comes 245, jackpot! Limper bets out, I push, he calls. He had 66 and rivers a 3. Am I making the right reads? yes. Am I playing a good aggressive game? yes. Should I be playing big pots like this to continue building my stack? I dunno, discuss.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Blogger Poker Event#2 Results

Congrats go out to Natsdad and the rest of the $ winners on event#2 of the Blogger Poker Tour Season 2.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Bad Beat Thursday

Wow this night sucked.

Paradise WPT Niagara final, finished in 19th. 1st gets seat, next 3 get 1-5k. I play a pretty good game, have about average stack. Raised preflop the last 2 hands, and then I get JJ. www.ihatejacks.com Regular raise, i get reraised about to about 3x my bet, and I push. He thinks about it for a while, then calls. I hold the Black Jacks, he holds the Reds. Flop = 2 hearts, Turn = Heart, do I even need to tell you the river?

Game #1753334747 - Tournament WPT Niagara - 200/400 No Limit Texas Hold'em - 2006/10/05-22:47:38.2 (CST) Table "WPT Niagara 11" (MTT) -- Seat 9 is the button Seat 1: JINXY_MONKEY (17,585 in chips) Seat 2: actyper (11,401 in chips) Seat 3: ZIGS N ZAGS (17,212 in chips) Seat 4: hobo! (10,034 in chips) Seat 5: Cucumber3 (3,640 in chips) Seat 6: honey earl (9,438 in chips) Seat 7: RIVERYOURASS (28,927 in chips) Seat 8: cannon9ball (6,181 in chips)
Seat 9: big Jim (11,005 in chips)
Seat 10: D SANDT 1 (9,372 in chips)
actyper : Ante (25)
ZIGS N ZAGS: Ante (25)
hobo! : Ante (25)
Cucumber3: Ante (25)
honey earl: Ante (25)
cannon9ball: Ante (25)
big Jim: Ante (25)
D SANDT 1: Ante (25)
D SANDT 1: Post Small Blind (200)
JINXY_MONKEY: Post Big Blind (400)
Dealt to actyper [ Jc ]
Dealt to actyper [ Js ]
actyper said, "how u know? :)"
actyper : Raise (1,200)
hobo! : Fold
Cucumber3: Fold
honey earl: Fold
RIVERYOURASS: Raise (3,000)
cannon9ball: Fold
big Jim: Fold
D SANDT 1: Fold
actyper : Raise (10,176)
RIVERYOURASS: Call (8,376)
Cucumber3 said, "LOL"
actyper said, "nh"
*** FLOP *** : [ 8h 4d 5h ]
*** TURN *** : [ 8h 4d 5h ] [ Ah ]
Cucumber3 said, "UHOH"
actyper said, "no"
Cucumber3 said, "NCIEEEEE"
actyper said, "wtf!"
*** RIVER *** : [ 8h 4d 5h Ah ] [ 4h ]
*** SUMMARY ***
Pot: 23,602 | Board: [ 8h 4d 5h Ah 4h ] JINXY_MONKEY lost 425 (folded) actyper lost 11,401 (showed hand) [ Jc Js ] (two pair, jacks and fours) ZIGS N ZAGS lost 25 (folded) hobo! lost 25 (folded)
Cucumber3 lost 25 (folded)
honey earl lost 25 (folded)
RIVERYOURASS bet 11,401, collected 23,602, net +12,201 (showed hand) [ Jh Jd ] (a flush, ace high) cannon9ball lost 25 (folded)
big Jim lost 25 (folded)
D SANDT 1 lost 225 (folded)

Then I try out Eurolinx Tain network, and I loved pokershare. 100% max $200, 4x pp. Use signup code WHORE and account transfer code OCTOBER. I get AA one hand, 2 callers. CB, and I get reraised on a rainbow flop, so I call. He bets out the turn, a 5, I pop, he calls. AA vs 56s. River 5. Another hand I raise with QQ, BB reraises, I push. QQ vs JT. Turn J, River T. Tain is rigged, fuken swedes. -$300 for the night.

Tried a Dise $15r to get into the $500 wpt. Made it far, but no dice.

3rd in my Fort Knox.

Shitty shitty night.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sept in Review

So Sept is done, and I guess I did ok. I still fell short in my $8k in 2 months target. To be on target I needed to make $3,934. I made $3,544. -10%. I blame a lack of playing time though, as I still had a good $62/hr in 57 total hours. What was disappointing was my MTT figures. A bunch of cashes, final tables, a 2nd, a win, but no major wins. Couldn't break 4 digits in any of them. The good thing was that I was a plus on all the categories, cash games, sit n gos, mtts, casino, and others. I guess extra $ for sportsbetting helped!

Do I think I'm going to hit my target, I dunno. I don't think I'm going to be able to play today, none next sunday for sure (Thanksgiving), and not too sure about the following sunday as well. Might have to play some bigger friday tournies instead then.

Good luck gambling in October, and a big FAWK YOU to all republicans who are backing this ban!