Friday, August 31, 2007

Off to Mehico!

Off to do some relaxing in Mexico tomorrow. Mayan Riviera. Buddy's wedding so a lot of tequila will be involved. Good thing, I need a short break from poker, I run not so good. You know your not running good when your sets are losing, a lot. :(

muchos suckouts

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So much for Underground Poker

I was actually planning on playing some underground games too, so much for that idea.

Police smoke out gambling dens in industrial malls, charge unlucky 7Aug 29, 2007 04:30 AM
Curtis Rush
Staff Reporter

Police have charged seven people with running illegal gambling houses as a result of a series of raids in Mississauga.

Culminating an investigation begun in December, the OPP's illegal gambling unit and Peel Region police busted two operations on Sunday and one on Monday, following a July 21 raid at another location.

The illicit gaming houses, set up independently in industrial malls, were charging people fees to play Texas hold 'em poker and other games of chance, according to Det. Staff Sgt. Clint Hunter.

The search warrants were executed at Topflight Poker Club at 125 Topflight Dr.; Pockets at unit 10, 6160 Netherhart Rd.; No Limit Club at unit 8, 5500 Tomken Rd.; and Hollywood, at unit 5, 2408 Haines Rd.

The raids also netted a total of 76 players at the locations, but after being interviewed by police, they were released without being charged.

Police noted that the raids did not turn up any drugs or weapons on the premises.

The OPP anti-gambling unit is part of its organized crime section, which along with Peel, is operated in partnership with police services in Toronto, London, York, Windsor and Ottawa.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Vegas Trip Report: Aug 3-6 2007

I guess I better start my trip report while I have a few minutes here.

Friday night, arrive around 11pm. Staying at Harrahs. We decided to choose I nice cheap package, but also stay on the strip. Location wise, I don't think theres a better location. Tried paying off for an ugraded suite, but I guess there were too many people hanging around, and the desk clerk wouldn't go for it. Alltogether we were in a group of 6, 2 were already here and at Tao, and the other couple were due to arrive, but a delay forced their arrival after midnight. We waited for them and didn't do much that night, just walked up to the Wynn and back. Everyone was tired to they hit the sac, I figured I'd hit the tables. Waited 1/2hr and by that time it was 3am, so I gave up.

I woke up about 4hrs later and hit the tables downstairs. Harrahs pretty much only spreads 1/2NL and 3/6limit. Hit the NL table, but it was pretty dry. I think I lost about $20 after sitting down for a couple hours. We then headed out to the outlets to do some shopping. Looking for a nice money clip, but didn't see anything that caught my eye. Went to the Caesars forums after that and did more shopping. Everytime I go there Pete Rose is always in that sports memorbillia shop. Though last year I also bumped into Mini Me, who is > than Rose. After a whole day of shopping, went back to the hotel and played poker for an hour. I think I was $50 or so up this time.

Dinner was at Mesa at Caesars. Ribeye steak was pretty good, needed to fill my stomach because being a cheap drunk is gay. We were going to head to Pure sat night. Walked over there about 9:45 and stood in line. When the club opened at 10:30, the line was just sick. Huge line, and a huge crowd standing in front. We ended up just juicing the bouncer, $150 for 6. Also had to pay cover which was another 30 bones. That juice was pretty cheap, a lot of people offered a bill just for themselves. Pure is a nice club, especially the patio. I'd imagine any rooftop patio on the strip would be nice, the view is incredible. Started the night off with of course a jaeggerbomb, and a few bones later, the buzz was nice. Spent most of the night on the patio as inside was just rammed pack. Can't remember when we left, not that late. Even though I was nicely buzzed, I still decided to hit the tables. Had a decent session, but of course I decided to retun it all to the cursed Wheel of Fortune. Wow did I lose fast!!! Especially on the giant one, I think I dropped $50 straight without a single win.

Sunday morning poker was where the morons come out. I lost big money either when guys hit, or decided bottom pair was good enough to gamble with. My buddy had one had where a dude who limped in behind everyone, ended up stacking him. Dude had AK and hit trips, while my buddy also had trips. Who limps in with position with AK? Screw breakfast poker, time for some In n Out burger! Was good, probably overated, but was still good and cheap.

Later on the afternoon we watched Cirque du Soleil: Mystere at Treasure Island. Wasn't bad, I think I expected more. Crazy stunts, maybe some accidents. There were some annoying parts, some slow parts, and one really gay scene. 2 body builders got awfully close to eachother. Only paid $50 a seat for them, so it was worth it. Theatre was nice, I don't think there are too many bad seats in the house.

Dinner was da bomb ... Rio Buffet. So much good food, takes a bit of time to make your way from one end to the other. mmm Crab legs...

After dinner deciding on whether to hit a club/lounge or hit the tables. Decided to hit a quick tourney, as I had a 6am flight the next morning. Played a $50 + $40 addon at Harrahs. Structure was quick, but not as bad as some others. Some freeroll type players, some other players that think they're good, generally weak. One hand I push preflop with AK. Get called by 75s and A9? Surprised I held. Lost most of my chips when a guy flat called me with bottom pair on a AQJs board. Not sure how I couldn't get him off his hand. I held Ksx. My out hand was against the same player, he limped, I pushed with 10+BB with 55, he called with QT and I'm out in 15th. Top 5 was the payout. Ended up hit the cash tables after that and made some money, no biggie. By that time I was pretty dead tired, and wanted to crash for an hour before I had to pack.

So there was my weekend, nothing major, good times, and as always VEgas is da shit. Next time I promise to play other casinos, and more tournies. Stamp that in my agenda.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

July sucks

Had my worst month of the year, actually my only negative month so far. Just ran bad this month. Had one day where I dropped 4 buyins at 500nl on Betfair. Was also my least played month. Was actually about to win a tourney this month but I runner runner flush killed me heads up. Not sure he was doing calling my allin on the flop with A7 on a Kxx board. He loses that I pretty much win the tourney.

Heading to Vegas on Friday, booya!

Doubt I'll be playing much the next 2 days.

August I might take a break on cash games on try out some tournies again. FTOPS, and start satelliting for WCOOP. Still have to get off my lazy ass and play some live games. Also need to start satelliting for WPT Niagara.