Wednesday, August 01, 2007

July sucks

Had my worst month of the year, actually my only negative month so far. Just ran bad this month. Had one day where I dropped 4 buyins at 500nl on Betfair. Was also my least played month. Was actually about to win a tourney this month but I runner runner flush killed me heads up. Not sure he was doing calling my allin on the flop with A7 on a Kxx board. He loses that I pretty much win the tourney.

Heading to Vegas on Friday, booya!

Doubt I'll be playing much the next 2 days.

August I might take a break on cash games on try out some tournies again. FTOPS, and start satelliting for WCOOP. Still have to get off my lazy ass and play some live games. Also need to start satelliting for WPT Niagara.


Gold999 said...

Good luck in Vegas!

Hopefully you do a trip report when you get back. I leave next week for Vegas

Anonymous said...

Sexy time in Vegas?

gold999 said...

No, I got a
"you qualified for this promotion and your chipset will be delivered within 30 days"

Hopefully they send it.

Maybe because I was playing quite a bit on their site...but who knows.

Sweet deal if it comes

gold999 said...

This was my message

Our July Poker Chip Promotion has now come to an end you have fulfilled the criteria. A set of Limited Edition ParadisePoker Chips is now yours. Please allow 30 days for delivery.

Your chip set will be delivered to the following address:

with my address listed.

Omenic said...

Trip report please.