Friday, August 31, 2007

Off to Mehico!

Off to do some relaxing in Mexico tomorrow. Mayan Riviera. Buddy's wedding so a lot of tequila will be involved. Good thing, I need a short break from poker, I run not so good. You know your not running good when your sets are losing, a lot. :(

muchos suckouts


Gold999 said...

I hear ya, I've been playing on Party (grind) and getting killed. Even when I hit my set on the flop and push allin, these guys (Germans) are calling and getting lucky hitting a better set on the river. I think I'm going to take a break too. Maybe do some NCAA & NFL wagering.

Have a great time in Mexico!!

If you find it, try the Ameretto flavored Tequilla. Smooooooth

JL514 said...

Have an awesome time in Mexico Ash