Sunday, March 23, 2008

Finally a decent mtt, though I still can't win a wsop seat

Came 2nd for a score of €2400, or about $3600. Was supposed to be a wsop me sat, but only 16 people entered, needed 20. Kinda sad, I'm guessing it was mostly satellite qualifiers as well. Pretty much chipped up early, trying to remember the hand, but can't remember. Stayed 1/15 for pretty much the entire way until 6 left or so. Didn't really lose any pots, just others won some big ones. Bubble didn't last too long so couldn't take advantage of that. 3 handed, the other 2 players got involved. Under pair vs flush draw, underpair ended with a full house, and most of the chips. Other than that, 3 handed wasn't that eventfull. When it got down to headsup, was about 3:1 over me and I had approx 10BB. He slow played 88, and I shoved on the BB with 65s. I think that was the 2nd hand HU. I could have easily dominated this tourney, but the eventual winner was a calling station, don't bluff him, never raises pf kind of player. I wasn't too sure how to play against him. I tried overbetting for value which didn't work, I was just lost. Oh well, the money is good, and luckily there was no wsop seat, I would have bubbled!

Cake WSOP I final tabled, but exited in 9th. At that time I was 8/9 with about 10BB. I thought the button was stealing so I shoved in SB with A9o. I should have figured a button pot bet was not a steal attempt. He had KK and it held up. This was a tourney where I was pretty much average stack all day. Nothing else for the day, bubbled the Party 18k 6 away from the $.

Spent the weekend in Niagara. I really don't like live cash games, or maybe its just there at Fallsview. Service is slow, have to wait forever for a table. Most management types there are pricks, and I just don't get how inefficient the whole poker room is run. Is there something against the gambling commission that makes it illegal to run a good room? Empty seats galores, empty tables with dealers sitting there with no work to do. I waited about 1.5hrs for a 5/5 table. Some guy who joined later said he waited 3hrs. I called out the assistant prick telling him I've just watched him add his buddies and regulars to the top of the list. He gave excuses about callins blah blah, whatever. Other than for WPT sats, I can't see myself going there again anytime soon.

On the playing side, I just don't win live. Extremely card dead, and having to win with garbage. I think I don't know how to bet size properly live. People are willing to pay you off based on the $ amount, and not the pot value of it. Overbetting gets paid off, not sure why I don't do it. Something to learn. And just the retardness of players. 3 limpers to the highjack who limps behind. I limp on the button with T6o, wheee! T69 flop. Bet call. Turn Q or something. Bet call. River was something to complete a flush. check, and I decide to just check behind. He turns over AA, wtf!!! If I knew I'd have your stack you dumbass.

Partied that night at Dragonfly. No redbull... wtf? They give you Rockstar instead. Rockstar and Smirnoff doesn't really taste that great, but it'll do. Next round I ask for Goose, no goose, Belvedere was the premium there. WTF?? Tasted better than Smirnoff at least. By the end of the night was just zoned out.

But all this just gives me a taste of Vegas, can't wait till I go again. Hopefully in July :)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

March Break / Reading Week

A couple days ago I decided that next week I would dedicate purely to traing. Watching videos and reading books. Running bad and not playing well, I just have to get my mind in the right direction again. I'll still play the blogger events but thats about it.

I posted on a few message boards but that Cross Country Tour is a bust. Not really worth the free entry in terms of the knowledge you receive back. Probably end up more confused afterwards. I'd skip it.

Been a while since a won a tourney, but I did win a small one.

Was a fun super turbo. 90 players, lasted about 45min. Just pushed at the right times I guess.

I've been pretty killer with my satellites again, with another 2 wsop main qualifiers. Failed my cake one just now in 22nd. TT < AK. K turn. Lost a pokerroom yesterday. So I still have 1 more pokerroom one left and now a Party one. I stink badly at steps, maybe i'll watch some turbo sng videos to improve. Can't get past step 3.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Never going to win a live seat Part III

Wow didn't think the next post in this series would be the day after!

My fault, played like a pansy 3 handed. The two luckboxes are 1 and 2, what can you do. Better lucky than skilled.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Never gonnna win a live seat again part 2

Was a freeroll with optional $25 rebuy/addon. Didn't do either, by the time the break hit, the addon would have bought 3BB. Very weak field so didn't take much thinking to get to the final table. Knocked out most of the players and stayed within the 1st/2nd range. Lost a crucial 3outer with 5 to go. KQ < Ax with a K on the flop. Then lost a flip Q9s vs 33 with 9 possible outs after the flop. By the time it got down to 6 handed, there wasn't much play available, push shove mode. Next time...

I did manage to win 2 $535 buyins for the pokerroom wsop sats though. Didn't realize it was 55 player max so didn't get to play today. Good thing about the pokerroom ones is that it pays out to 7. :)

Thank God Feb is a short month

February sucked, plain and simple. Couldn't get any runs going, couldn't get hands to hold up. My mtt results just sucked, FTOPS was a bust. I guess satellite play was good as I got into most of the events I wanted. Even after all my rakeback numbers are in, I lost money this month. What this does is:
  • Screws up your confidence
  • Puts you in a sour mood
  • Crushes thoughts of starting the year off strong
  • Forces you to make it up the month after
  • More training/schooling

On the cash game side, my NL game was a big loser. Not ready to step back down as I think I'm still playing ok, just on a bad side of variance. My limit game is pretty good, well maybe 20/40 only. For some reason I lost $ at 10/20 and 5/10, so I'll stay away from those.

Tournament side I better get something going, not sure what leaks I have right now. Probably something on the aggression side as I go into too many lulls and watch my stack disappear. With the BBT3 coming up I have to start winning.

This month my cash games will be mostly on Cake Poker. I'll probably tryout some cryptologic games as they have some good wsop/wpt promos. Earlier read that some bonuses might be gone though. I'll prob play some tournies on saturday instead, and nothing on sunday. Need a sunday break. Will be back sunday night though for the kickoff of BBT3.