Sunday, March 02, 2008

Never going to win a live seat Part III

Wow didn't think the next post in this series would be the day after!

My fault, played like a pansy 3 handed. The two luckboxes are 1 and 2, what can you do. Better lucky than skilled.


Derrick Law said...

Damn Ash... you're running deep in these things... am confident that you will take one of these down soon. Was good playin you (effin Queens... :) on the Cake $55 last week.

actyper said...

Need access to read your blog!

Omenic said...

you beast.

nice to see you running well.

Haven't been pokering cept the BTL.

Did some catch up reading here.

Go Timex. Go Ash.

Gold999 said...

I think going back to Boss is a great suggestion.
I've never heard of Trillion before. I did a search for their site and noticed they offer 30% rakeback right from the site..I think or is there a better rakeback site to use?

actyper said...

That was my thoughts on trillion, the site takes care of all rb activity.