Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thank God Feb is a short month

February sucked, plain and simple. Couldn't get any runs going, couldn't get hands to hold up. My mtt results just sucked, FTOPS was a bust. I guess satellite play was good as I got into most of the events I wanted. Even after all my rakeback numbers are in, I lost money this month. What this does is:
  • Screws up your confidence
  • Puts you in a sour mood
  • Crushes thoughts of starting the year off strong
  • Forces you to make it up the month after
  • More training/schooling

On the cash game side, my NL game was a big loser. Not ready to step back down as I think I'm still playing ok, just on a bad side of variance. My limit game is pretty good, well maybe 20/40 only. For some reason I lost $ at 10/20 and 5/10, so I'll stay away from those.

Tournament side I better get something going, not sure what leaks I have right now. Probably something on the aggression side as I go into too many lulls and watch my stack disappear. With the BBT3 coming up I have to start winning.

This month my cash games will be mostly on Cake Poker. I'll probably tryout some cryptologic games as they have some good wsop/wpt promos. Earlier read that some bonuses might be gone though. I'll prob play some tournies on saturday instead, and nothing on sunday. Need a sunday break. Will be back sunday night though for the kickoff of BBT3.

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