Saturday, March 01, 2008

Never gonnna win a live seat again part 2

Was a freeroll with optional $25 rebuy/addon. Didn't do either, by the time the break hit, the addon would have bought 3BB. Very weak field so didn't take much thinking to get to the final table. Knocked out most of the players and stayed within the 1st/2nd range. Lost a crucial 3outer with 5 to go. KQ < Ax with a K on the flop. Then lost a flip Q9s vs 33 with 9 possible outs after the flop. By the time it got down to 6 handed, there wasn't much play available, push shove mode. Next time...

I did manage to win 2 $535 buyins for the pokerroom wsop sats though. Didn't realize it was 55 player max so didn't get to play today. Good thing about the pokerroom ones is that it pays out to 7. :)

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