Sunday, March 09, 2008

March Break / Reading Week

A couple days ago I decided that next week I would dedicate purely to traing. Watching videos and reading books. Running bad and not playing well, I just have to get my mind in the right direction again. I'll still play the blogger events but thats about it.

I posted on a few message boards but that Cross Country Tour is a bust. Not really worth the free entry in terms of the knowledge you receive back. Probably end up more confused afterwards. I'd skip it.

Been a while since a won a tourney, but I did win a small one.

Was a fun super turbo. 90 players, lasted about 45min. Just pushed at the right times I guess.

I've been pretty killer with my satellites again, with another 2 wsop main qualifiers. Failed my cake one just now in 22nd. TT < AK. K turn. Lost a pokerroom yesterday. So I still have 1 more pokerroom one left and now a Party one. I stink badly at steps, maybe i'll watch some turbo sng videos to improve. Can't get past step 3.

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