Friday, February 20, 2009

Poker Rake Races

Just finished up my new site: All the information and news about Poker Rake Races. At Rake Race News you can learn more about the $1.5 million Titan Poker Rake Race, $1,000,000 Ladbrokes Poker Rake Race,$80,000 Purple Lounge Rake Race,$1,000,000 Bet365 Rake Race,$500,000 Sun Poker Rake Race, and $400,000 PokerPlex Rake Race.

Also a basic strategy guide on How to win a rake race

Monday, February 02, 2009

January Recap

Pretty much a wasted month here. Small loss for the month, and didn't play the hours I wanted, less than 40 when I budgeted for 60 at least. Still playing pretty well in mtts, just not getting the results. Satellites are still happening, have been pretty much qualifying for any event at will. Frustrating day yesterday,t hough technically should be Feb recap. In the party million, I had a huge stack, top 10 or 20 about 3-4hrs in, in a deep stack tourney. For some reason I decided to risk about 1/2 of it pre with AK. Lost a flip to JJ, even though the flop came AKQ. Sometimes I just get too greedy I suppose. In the Sunday Brawl I once again have a huge stack, but I played passively and let my stack dwindle away. Got to work on my big stack play more.

I have a new goal now, and that is to work out a schedule. I want to play more mtts, but lack of desire during weeknights is killing me. The holiday times were great, didn't have to worry about waking up early the next day, nor was I tired during the evening. I have a pretty good idea of what to play on sundays, just have to figure out weeknights. With Ftops coming up this week, it'll prob be easy to schedule, I always play the opener for sure.

Here is my Sunday schedule if your curious. Most of the majors ($200+), i'll try to sat in.

  • Party Million $640 (1st sunday of month) 12pm
  • Pokerroom Championchip $300k. $200 (1st sunday of month. Weekly but too early) 12pm
  • FT $32k $24 2pm
  • PS $40k $26 2pm
  • Pokerroom Bounty $100k $100 (2nd sunday) 2pm
  • Cake $250k 5pm (last sunday)
  • Pokerroom $100k 100+1r 3pm
  • Hollywood Celebrity $20 2pm
Other major tournaments I randomly play if I sat in are ipoker $250k, Boss $250k, stars million, FT million, Stars Turbo Takedown, Cake $150k

Other random tournaments include ipoker rebuys ($10/$5), pokerroom $10k turbo, Stars $10k turbo, FT double deuce, Stars $200k

If you think of any other sunday tournies I should check out let me know.