Tuesday, April 24, 2007

50k milestone!

Finally hit the $50k career profit mark last night! woohoo!!!

This is from the period starting Jan 1, 2005 to present. I did start my online poker play mid 2004, but I never kept track of anything, and it was only minor profits, break even plays just to get comps from Pokersourceonline.

I actually thought I was almost there a couple weeks ago, but then I realized I overstated by $1k, so I was really $1.5k off. Then came an ugly downswing and I was almost $2.5k away. But the past couple weeks have been pretty profitable.

I have enjoyed playing strictly cash games this month. I've played maybe 5-7 mtts, nothing major. Played a few satellites but I suck at those now. Cash games I'm playing 1/2nl, 2/5nl, 2/4nl, and 5/10 limit. All shorthanded. Getting more comfortable at the 2/5nl limit now so I should be fulltime there soon.

I have also realized that my numbers on weekends is far worse than my weeknight results, for cash games. Therefore my schedule will be Mon-Fri night = cash games. Sun = mtts. Fri will also be sats and smaller mtts. I don't usually play saturdays at all, and usually just 4/7 days in total. The one stat I wish increased more though was my hours, I don't play enough as I would like to. With cash games I can only sit and play them for 2hrs max then I just don't feel like it anymore. Usually I only play for 1-1.5 hrs per session.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

lol banaments!

This is Real L. from the Operations Department at Cassava (Gibraltar) Ltd. Cassava (Gibraltar) Ltd operates "Pacific Poker".This Email is to inform you of the blocking of your accounts owned and operated by 888.com.Routine checks of your account revealed that your are attempting to abuse our IAF bonus scheme.In the event that the Company believes a user is abusing or attempting to abuse a bonus or other promotion, or is likely to benefit through abuse or lack of good faith from a gaming policy adopted by the Company, then the Company may, at its sole discretion, deny, withhold or withdraw from any user any bonus or promotion, or rescind any policy with respect to that user, either temporarily or permanently, or terminate that user's access to the Service and/or block that user's account. Therefore, as per our Terms and Conditions, we have permanently blocked your accounts with our sites. Your membership is no longer welcome at the sites owned by 888.com. Please refrain from opening any new accounts with our sites, as any deposits made on new accounts will not be refunded, and any cashout requests made will not be honoured.

Unbelievable. They send me a bonus to promote their site, and then they ban me! Glad I opted for 1 shirt and 1 $30 bonus so I'll at least get something. Fuckem! But I'll still continue to promote them as I want everyone to whore the crap out of them.

I guess they forgot I've actually recently deposited on Pacific and play real $ poker there. That account better not be blocked, I want my $.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Fallsview Report

Decided to head down to Fallsview on saturday, put on some gambool. Had to go down to hamilton at night for some party, so might as well make it an afternoon at niagara.

1.5 hr wait to get on a 2/5NL table. Was also on the 5/5NL list but by the time I got called for that, I was already comfortable in my seat and too lazy to move. I had no problems waiting that long, the only problem I had was the unobservant casino hosts. There were 3 seats open at the 2/5 table for about 20mins. The lady kept calling the same 3 names over and over again, duh they're gone, move on.

Was on a pretty timid table. Players would rather limp than raise preflop. After noting the good players at the table, pretty much just picked on the weaklings. No real big pots for me, just some average ones, and left after only 1.5hrs. Was hungry and the buffet was calling my name. Left with a modest $130 so pretty good hourly rate. Was outearned by the wife though, she made $320 on wheel of fortune slots in 15mins!!! Whose the casino whore, me or her? :)

After about a 45mins wait for the buffet, was kind of disappointed. Food was good, but was looking forward to the crab legs that everybody was raving about. For some reason there was none. Oh well, still left with a belly full.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

End of Session Blues

Ever happen to you?

Your up a nice amount of money and figure you've had enough. Last orbit coming up. You get a good starting hand but just get a nasty feeling that you might end up blowing some money on that hand.

AQs < 45s vs a guy that I completely owned during the session. Q36 flop. He ended up catching the straight and I lost some hard earned $.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Getting owned with big pairs

Most normal people were hunting for eggs on the weekend, I was hunting fishes and donkeys. I did not find any, thus I was the donkafish.

I lost 4 buyins in total with the big pairs: AA & KK. One AA allin preflop against a smaller pair, one KK allin preflop against AA. Another AA I limped squeezed but still got called with 78s By that time the pot was too big to lay down. The other KK I lost to AA again with a paired flop.

I still can't laydown KK preflop, even though I know the other guy has a good chance of AA. At this level I still see a lot of AK, QQ, JJ etc allin preflop.

I used to be able to keep the pot sizes containable with these big pairs, but lately I've gotten paid off big time with the big 2, so I didn't mind the big pots.

I guess I should have said a prayer before playing this holy weekend.

I'll post my updated action plan later tonight. Still have a few hundred sitting in neteller, not sure if I'm going to deposit it somewhere or just cash it out.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Post Neteller Plan of Action

So here is my plan of action. I am keeping all my funds in play for now. I'm going to use 2 ewallets, moneybookers and click2pay. Neither currently funded, they will be used just in case I need to use something. Below are the sites I will continue to play on, or have potential. I think this is the end of bonus hunting and promo comps for me. Time to play some good pokah.

Cash/Rakeback are my cash game / rakeback rooms. If cryptos make their no deposit reloads the same as their deposit ones, then they will be my main cash game sites. If not it will be Betfair through RaketheRAke RTR03416 :). If you haven't signed up for raketherake yet, please use me as a referrer. My interpoker rakeback jumps to 40% if I get a referrer. Same for you if you refer somebody. I'll ship a nice gift back. Fast loose european action there. I've seen 1/2 SH games with average pots over $70, even over $100, though I think there might be something wrong with their calculations. Mostly short handed games but there are a couple full rings for each level.

MTT will be primarily my major tournament rooms, cash games on those sites are definately possibilities. This also includes Paradise where I'll do the reload bonuses and one day thinking of actually clearing my outstanding bonus. Pokerstars will be my homebase, and Full Tilt #2. Absolute will be used with the PSO League and other promos they might have.

I plan on keeping some funds on each of the major networks. About $300 on each. This includes Pacific which should have some new tourney promos when the new software is released. I might change my mind on funding Full Contact, I don't have too much faith that it or the network will ever grow.

"Playout" are the rooms where I have some money on that if I bust, I'll just simply uninstall. Some of these I have < $20 on, so no worries.

I'd like to hear everybody elses action plan. Also if you think I'm missing something please let me know, and preferably by Friday! I think that will be my actual action date.

Screw neteller and Party for jumping the gun!!!!

EDIT: April 6

Changed a few things around..

- withdrew 1/2 of my paradise funds. Still planning on doing the reloads. Hasn't hit my neteller yet though.
- signed up with pokerheaven through raketherake. Wanted a rakeback on Boss in case it goes good.
- signed up on CDPoker through pokersavvy Man is this room easy. 3 table 1/2NL SH for 45min and I'm 1/2 way done the promo. Over $100 in extra gifts. Average pots are pretty big on these tables.
- ended up adding a couple hundred to Cake poker with their new bunny reload, just in case.
- thinking I should have taken some $ out of sun poker, probably too late now.
- still undecided on full contact funding

Reminded to start moving on your action plans. Rooms like stars have max daily deposit limits!!!

Plan of Action tonight, I promise...

Wanted to put together my plan of action yesterday, regarding the relocation of funds. Ended up picking up Guitar Hero 2 for xbox360, so that took up my time instead. Great addictive game. I'm not even a big fan of rock music, but who can't appreciate a nice Nirvanna tune.

My plan of action though is pretty much complete, just wanted to confirm a few things before I actually do it. Though cake poker denying my request to switch to rakeback helps clear one of my options. Should have it all posted by tonight.