Tuesday, April 24, 2007

50k milestone!

Finally hit the $50k career profit mark last night! woohoo!!!

This is from the period starting Jan 1, 2005 to present. I did start my online poker play mid 2004, but I never kept track of anything, and it was only minor profits, break even plays just to get comps from Pokersourceonline.

I actually thought I was almost there a couple weeks ago, but then I realized I overstated by $1k, so I was really $1.5k off. Then came an ugly downswing and I was almost $2.5k away. But the past couple weeks have been pretty profitable.

I have enjoyed playing strictly cash games this month. I've played maybe 5-7 mtts, nothing major. Played a few satellites but I suck at those now. Cash games I'm playing 1/2nl, 2/5nl, 2/4nl, and 5/10 limit. All shorthanded. Getting more comfortable at the 2/5nl limit now so I should be fulltime there soon.

I have also realized that my numbers on weekends is far worse than my weeknight results, for cash games. Therefore my schedule will be Mon-Fri night = cash games. Sun = mtts. Fri will also be sats and smaller mtts. I don't usually play saturdays at all, and usually just 4/7 days in total. The one stat I wish increased more though was my hours, I don't play enough as I would like to. With cash games I can only sit and play them for 2hrs max then I just don't feel like it anymore. Usually I only play for 1-1.5 hrs per session.


gold999 said...

Congrats one reaching your milestone!

Wow 50K, I'm just around 5K so I've got a looooooooong way to go.

Where are you playing most of your cash games?

actyper said...

Crypto is my main site now. I'm also enjoying the mega action on Betfair. Reminds me, i'll send you the pso league file I have. You're looking pretty good so far.

Chipper said...

Grats on achieving your milestone! 50K profits pays a lot of bills!

I also notice that play is tougher on the weekends, probably because more donkeys are playing drunk and getting more suckouts. If I play cash games, I avoid Friday and Saturday nights on PokerStars.

Syphos said...

Yup. Took a decent break, but then my game started to die and decided that I needed to start examining my plays again. So, here I am working on my plays and plugging those pesky leaks.

MathP said...


I also realized that most of my profits come from sunday-wednesday nights. I think you need to considerably change your game on those big action nights.

Congrats on 2/5NL also. I'll try to join you up there soon enough. I just want to finish my 50k hands at NL1/2 first!