Monday, April 09, 2007

Getting owned with big pairs

Most normal people were hunting for eggs on the weekend, I was hunting fishes and donkeys. I did not find any, thus I was the donkafish.

I lost 4 buyins in total with the big pairs: AA & KK. One AA allin preflop against a smaller pair, one KK allin preflop against AA. Another AA I limped squeezed but still got called with 78s By that time the pot was too big to lay down. The other KK I lost to AA again with a paired flop.

I still can't laydown KK preflop, even though I know the other guy has a good chance of AA. At this level I still see a lot of AK, QQ, JJ etc allin preflop.

I used to be able to keep the pot sizes containable with these big pairs, but lately I've gotten paid off big time with the big 2, so I didn't mind the big pots.

I guess I should have said a prayer before playing this holy weekend.

I'll post my updated action plan later tonight. Still have a few hundred sitting in neteller, not sure if I'm going to deposit it somewhere or just cash it out.


Curatio said...

Wasn't the deadline 12:01 am MST this morning? I don't think you'll be able to deposit anywhere, now.

actyper said...

Yeah your right, withdrawal it is.