Monday, April 16, 2007

Fallsview Report

Decided to head down to Fallsview on saturday, put on some gambool. Had to go down to hamilton at night for some party, so might as well make it an afternoon at niagara.

1.5 hr wait to get on a 2/5NL table. Was also on the 5/5NL list but by the time I got called for that, I was already comfortable in my seat and too lazy to move. I had no problems waiting that long, the only problem I had was the unobservant casino hosts. There were 3 seats open at the 2/5 table for about 20mins. The lady kept calling the same 3 names over and over again, duh they're gone, move on.

Was on a pretty timid table. Players would rather limp than raise preflop. After noting the good players at the table, pretty much just picked on the weaklings. No real big pots for me, just some average ones, and left after only 1.5hrs. Was hungry and the buffet was calling my name. Left with a modest $130 so pretty good hourly rate. Was outearned by the wife though, she made $320 on wheel of fortune slots in 15mins!!! Whose the casino whore, me or her? :)

After about a 45mins wait for the buffet, was kind of disappointed. Food was good, but was looking forward to the crab legs that everybody was raving about. For some reason there was none. Oh well, still left with a belly full.

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