Sunday, November 25, 2007

At least I'm improving!

My last 3 finishes in this thing. 5th, 4th, 3rd...

F*** me, so close, and I easily had the table outskilled too.
Started the tourney off on a good note, doubling up within the first 5 hands with KK vs JJ. Continued to play solid poker and chip accumulation. Took a hit when JJ <> avg through to the final table. Then I just ran hot as hell. Can't remember my first double up hand, just remembered my oponent had squat. Put a beat on the guy who sucked out with that K6 hand, KK > AA. Haha revenge is sweet. Then every time I raised pf, I hit the flop hard. Raise JT, TTJ flop. Raise 7Ts, JQKs flop, etc. Most of those times I eliminated others as well. When it got down to 4 handed, my stack was a bit bigger than the others combined.
When it got down to 3handed I started losing chips. Lost A9s <> AK or else I would have gone headsup which I'm sure I would have dominated. The game altering hand was this. Can't remember action pf, I think I was BB and got in free. Flop comes 98x with 2 suits. SB bets out 3/4. Even though I had him pegged as min bet weak, other bet = some sort of hand, I thought I still had the best hand and could get him off of whatever he had, so I shoved with 97o. He used his whole timebank and decided to call with JT. obv Q turn, and I was hurt badly. With about 12bb left in the BB I decided to get cute with AA and just flat call the sb raise. Flop comes 7 high, he shoves, I instacall. Another miracle turn for this guy and I'm eliminated. So gay, I'm pissed. Really want to go play the Aussie, since that was my original vacation plan from last year. I have 4 more chances left, actually 3 since the last week of Dec headed back to the Mayan Riviera (Mexico) for yet another wedding there. I think my stomach can handle Tequila again, don't think my ass can handle the food though. Anal leakage = -EV.
All my PCA sats are done, and failed all my steps, going as far as step 5 a few times. Just choked when it counted. Got deep in a couple other tournies on FullTilt, a $24 knockout, and the $14.5k guar. Didn't get any big money in those though, about $200ish total. I know I'm so due, till next sunday.

Friday, November 16, 2007

WPT Sweetness

Layla Kayleigh + Kimberly Lansing = WPT Hotties

Sweet Video

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

High Stakes FTP nicknames

Found this on Highstakesdb, supposdly the Full Tilt Poker nicknames of all the highstakes players.

"888poker" - Chau Chiang
"$tinger 88" - Brian Hastings
"AaronBeen" - Aaron Been
"ActionJeff" - Jeff Garza
"Actyper" - Sick player
"ADZ124" - Matt Marafioti
"AJunglen7" - Adam Junglen
"AK87" - Alex Kim
"All In At 420" - Matthew Stout
"Annette_15" - Annette Obrestad
"apestyles" - John VanFleet
"Arbianight" - Rami Boukai
"Area23JC" - JC Tran
"BABYHAB" - Tuan Lam
"bacina" -
"bad_ip" - Johnny Lodden
"Ballsrider" - David Benyamine
"barryg1" - Barry Greens
"batoelrob" - Rob Hollink
"BeL0WaB0Ve" - Kevin Saul
"BigBadMomma6" - Chris Gantile
"bigfish" - Johnny Lodden/Tore Lagerborg
"BiggestFish" - Ville Wahlbeck
"birdguts" - Gavin Smith
"BlackMetalHead" - Tommy Rau
"BodogAri" - Ari Engel
"Boosted J" - Justin Smith
"Butch Acidy" Joe Cassidy
"CaseyAtTheBat" - Chip Reese
"ch0ppy" - Matt Kay
"CHUFTY" - Richard Ashby
"cmynuts" - Chris Gentile
"-Colossus-" - Same as "Laaur2". Young Norwegian player
"ComeOnPhish" - Paul Lieu
"CrazyZachary" - ?
"crippoli" - John Persson
"CryMeARiver8" - Patrik Antonius
"DaEvils" - Prahlad Friedman
"dazzy" - Dennis Kobbero
"Devilfish" - Dave Ulliot
"DontBluffMePLZZ" - Jerry VanStrydonck
"Durian" - Janne Juutilainen
"durrrr" - Tom Dwan
"Dustin Dirksen" - Dustin Dirksen
"eastsideslim" - Dustin Woolf
"EazyPeazy" - Abe Mosseri
"ecolico" - Freddy Deeb
"ElkY" - Bertrand Grosspellier
"emptyseat88" - Scott Fischman
"eps" - Eli Elezra
"Erik1223" - Erik Sagström
"Exclusive" - Noah Boeken
"ex_Noose" - Riku Vihreäsaari
"Fakesky" - Daniel Alaei
"Fast_freddie" - Mohammed Kowssarie
"fidelio" - Joe Sebok
"FinddaGrind" - Patrik Antonius
"Fossillman" - Grag Raymer
"Frooodo" - William Thorsson
"funku" - Bengt Sonnert
"GambleAB" - Aaron Bartley
"gank" - Brett Jungblut
"Genius28" - Chris Lee
"GigaBet" - Darrell Dicken
"Gobboboy" - Jimmy Fricke
"Good2CU" - Andrew T Robl
"Green Plastic" - Taylor Caby
"Guguguy" - Young guy from Oulu (Finland)
"Gutshot Hansen" - Ilari Sahamies
"H@££INGGOL" - Fredrik Halling
"Hilary1" - Same as "Guguguy"
"hihhuli" - Patrik Antonius
"Holdem_NL" - Tom Dwan
"HOSS_TBF" - Matt Hawrilenko
"howitfellslike" - Rafi Amit
"Icre84U" - Martin DeKnijff
"IDreamOfJenna" - Same as "Guguguy"
"i_grind_on_you" - Fuat Can
"ILARI_FIN" - Ilari Sahamies
"Imper1um" - Sorel Mizzi
"iMsoLucky0" - Jordan Morgan
"iRockHoes" - Scott Augustine
"Isokala" - Ville Wahlbeck
"jennicide" - Jennifer Leigh
"Jew anda" - Todd Brunson
"JohhnyBax" - Cliff Josephy
"jse81" - Chad Batista
"KaiBuxxe" - Nikolaus Jedlicka
"KidPoker" - Daniel Negreanu
"kiiski" - Jani Vilmunen
"KObyTAPOUT" - Jani Vilmunen
"Kris85" - Kristian Kjöndal
"kwob20" - Kyle Bowker
"Laaur2" - Same as "-Colossus-"
"LadyMaverick" - Vanessa Rousso
"LarsLuzak" - 20-year old guy from Helsinki
"Lars-Magne" - Johnny Lodden
"LEGATO" - Bo Sehlstedt
"LFISGD" - Brad Booth
"lilholdem954" - Chad Batista
"liraerik" - Erik Friberg
"livewinner" - ?
"lolmenot" - Johnny Lodden
"looselots" - David Benyamine
"LrsLzk" - Same as "LarsLuzak" obv.
"luckyULSA" - Christoffer Ulsrud
"Luigi66369" - Patrik Antonius
"Macigpitch1" - David Benyamine
"Mafews" - Rory Mathews
"mahony" - Andreas Hagen
"MavFish" - J.P. Kelly
"" - James Mackey
"Miss Lulu" - Robert Williamsson
"mjorgensen13" - Isaac Baron
"m8kingmoves" - Chad Batista
"Money800" - Chris Moneymaker
"MrCasino" - Graig Gray
"mrnuts" - Thomas Keller
"MrPoker KDH" - Chau Chiang
"MrSmokey1" - Steve Billirakis
"_myst_" - Marc Karam
"Nebuchad" - Jonas Danielsson
"neverwin" - Dustin Woolf
"Newhizzle" - Mark Newhouse
"NEW_YORK" - Bengt Sonnert
"Nizot Skizard" - Joe Cassidy/Tomer Benvenisti
"noataima" - Guy Laliberte
"no it all" - JC Tran
"NoMercy" - Isabelle Mercier
"Noose" - Riku Vihreäsaari
"OMGClayAiken" - Phil Galfond
"omgwhatafish" - William Thorsson
"Operation" - Ben Grundy
"Ozzy 87" - Aurangzeb Sheikh
"Panella86" - Jordan Berkowitz
"PearlJammer" -Jon Turner
"p10ker" - Gary Jones
"pokergirl1" - Morten Erlandsen
"Pokerkong1" - Kristian Kjöndal
"POKERPR0" - James Campbell
"Poltergeist" - Ray Dehkharghani
"Profbackwards" - Ted Forrest
"puculucy" - Tom Dwan
"RaiNKhaN" - Hevad Khan
"RealAndyBeal" - Nikolaus Jedlicka
"Rekrul" - Dan Schreiber
"reloadthis" - Layne Flack
"Riise" - Erik Riise
"Rizen" - Eric Lynch
"sbrugby" - Brian Townsend
"SCTrojans" - Scott Freeman
"secret" - Tore Lagerborg
"serb2127" - Nenad Medic
"Shaniac" - Shane Schleger
"SheFaLLs" - ?
"SirWatts" - Mike Watson
"Son-in-law" - Zupin Patel
"Spirit Rock" - Prahlad Friedman
"StandingWave" - Janne Juutilainen
"stevesbets" - Steven Jacobs
"strassa2" - Jason Strasser
"sunnyCR" -
"SuperMazak" - Mats Rahmn
"susisisu" - Thomas Wahlroos
"SxMxF" - rumoreud Michael Mizrahi
"Tay" - Taylor Caby
"TeeDitty" - Tuan Le
"Terken89" - Norwegian guy. Born is 1989
"TerrorOfSweden" - Mohammed Kowssarie
"TexasLimitKing" - Aleksandros Dalaklis
"tex dolly" - Doyle Brunson
"THAY3R" - Thayer Rasmussen
"THE__D__RY" - Danny Ryan
"TheSalmon" - Erik Sagsröm
"TheSea" - Fuat Can
"TheTerrorist" - Mohammed Kowssarie
"TheWacoKidd" - Jared Hamby
"TiLLerMan" - Ian Girdwood
"Till_I_collapse" - Mikko Pispala
"TiltMeNot" - Bengt Sonner
"tina1" - Tobias Persson
"thecranium" - John Hanson
"Tmay420" - Tim West
"Tony G" - Tony Guoga
"Traheho" - Alec Torelli
"t soprano" - Brock Parker
"tunaeater" - Tore Lagerborg
"twin-caracas" - Jorge Arias
"yellowsub86" - Jeff Williams
"UFPokerStar" - Jonathan Westra
"Ugadabugada" - Finnish players account (Sahamies, Wahlbeck, Vilmunen)
"undercover" - Ram Vaswani
"ulle11" - Kristian Ulriksen
"UltimateButt" - Luke Neely
"vietcong01" - Juan Maceiras Barros
"WaterIntoWine" - Riku Vihreäsaari
"WestmenloAA" - Isaac Baron
"Wetoddid" - Luke Neely
"Whitelime" - Emil Patel
"Who is next?" - Noah Boeken
"Willis Fillers" - Robert Willis
"Woolworths" - Young Finnish guy
"zangbezan24" - Sorel Mizzi
"ZeeJustin" - Justin Bonomo
"Ziigmund" - Ilari Sahamies
"zupp_3" - Peter Jepsen
"Zweig" - Prahlad Friedman

Running like David Benyamine

David Benyamine: good luck
David Benyamine: im done on full tilt
David Benyamine: finished 4 me
David Benyamine: 6.5 million loser
David Benyamine: got myword

David Benyamine: i ll stay here
David Benyamine: but nomore game

Losing 6.5 mil is pretty crazy. Supposdly he's good at Omaha, but an uber donk at every other game. Probaby staked by Erica Schoenberg! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday = Most frustrating day ever

Sundays, where some poker players earn their riches, others go busto, and for everyone else it is the most frustrating day of poker.

Here was my day

1) Betfair 1/2NL. +1.5 buyins
2) WPT satellite. 1 seat. 10th. AQ < A8
3) Ftops satellite. Won a seat but had to shove on the bubble with AJs. doubled up
4) Cake $10k. Built up a good stack, then donked it away. My fault
5) PokerinCanada wpt sng step sat. Heads up even in chips, AK < A7 allin preflop
6) Carbon $20k. Wasn't really paying attention to this one and let myself bleed away
7) Cake 1/2NL. +1/2 buyin
8) Pokerstars PCA Step 3. Won.
9) Pokerstars PCA Step 4. Man there are some star studded lineups on sundays. Was about to register then saw the lineup: Timex, SP Ambrose,, bigjoe2003, and more. Waited for the next one, Timex and bigjoe were at this one. Was top 2 most of the sng. Couldn't knock anybody out when it counted though. 3 handed bigjoe2003 pretty much went allin every hand. Caught him with JJ once and doubled up. A river Ace saved him from elimination from the other guy. Then I caught him with ATs vs 72o. No not really, flopped a 2 and I'm pretty much out by the hammer. WTF!!!! Replay Step 4 for me.
10) Mansion $150k. Was doing ok. Ran into AA and it was goodnight.
11) Cake Aussie sat. Played pretty good poker. When it got down to 2 tables, turned AA into a nice win and 2nd in chips. Lost a few pots and entered the final table 6/10. Screwed up a hand: JT on KQJx board, and found myself 10/10. Tripled up with 88 not long after and I was back in business. Now remember a few posts ago I bubbled this same tourney in 5th. During the bubble we couldn't knock any of the short stacks out, and eventually I found myself 5/5! Oh no, here we go again.
In the sb I find myself with AQo with about 8BB. UTG bigstack raises, I shove, he and he calls with T8. Flop 558. Turn T. Fuck I'm out. River Q. Slam the desk, curse like Mother Teresa, and turn around. But then I look back at the screen and notice I'm still in. WTF!. Have to check the HH and finally realized what happened. Eventually one guy gets knocked out with donkey full house, and I sigh with relief. I eventually run my short stack KTs vs A5o, flop A and I'm out. Happy about the $1500 score, but still looking for an Aussie trip.
12) Ftops $320. Played pretty solid throughout, small ball strategy. Go card dead after the 3rd break. Out hand was UTG minraise, and I call with J8s. Flop AJ8r. Check raise, and he decides to shove. Already had this guy labeled with the donk tag, so I insta call. He flips over JT. ??? Didn't really have too much fold equity. River A and his T kicker is good. He did apologize in the lobby though. Like I care, fn donk!!!!
13) PSO league. Still playing as I type. Not really playing, just donking it up.

So there it is, 8+ hours of I dunno what I would call it.

I like the winner of the Aussie Seat though, rigged!

HH of my PCA seat crippling by the hammer

PokerStars Game #13184118950: Tournament #66900467, $200+$15 Hold'em No Limit - Level VIII (200/400) - 2007/11/11 - 19:20:45 (ET) Table '66900467 1' 9-max Seat #7 is the button Seat 1: bigjoe2003 (4260 in chips) Seat 3: actyper (5115 in chips) Seat 7: Dapper Dan G (4125 in chips)
bigjoe2003: posts the ante 25
actyper: posts the ante 25
Dapper Dan G: posts the ante 25
bigjoe2003: posts small blind 200
actyper: posts big blind 400
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to actyper [Th Ah]
Dapper Dan G: folds
bigjoe2003: raises 3835 to 4235 and is all-in
actyper: calls 3835
*** FLOP *** [9s Qs 2d]
*** TURN *** [9s Qs 2d] [Kd]
*** RIVER *** [9s Qs 2d Kd] [8s]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
bigjoe2003: shows [2h 7s] (a pair of Deuces)
actyper: shows [Th Ah] (high card Ace)
bigjoe2003 collected 8545 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 8545 | Rake 0
Board [9s Qs 2d Kd 8s]
Seat 1: bigjoe2003 (small blind) showed [2h 7s] and won (8545) with a pair of Deuces Seat 3: actyper (big blind) showed [Th Ah] and lost with high card Ace Seat 7: Dapper Dan G (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

NAPC Final Table set

Here are the official chip counts for the nine-handed final table:

Seat 1 - Kofi Farkye - 1,421,000 redsoxsox - banned pstars account)
Seat 2 - Jonathan Little - 2,149,000 (fieryjustice)
Seat 3 - Cheryl Lynn Deleon - 1,321,000 (local Fallsview player)
Seat 4 - "Action Jeff" Garza - 469,000 (ActionJeff)
Seat 5 - Adam Levy - 379,000 (Roothlus)
Seat 6 - David Cloutier - 1,563,000 (local Toronto player)
Seat 7 - Barry Greenstein - 1,226,000 (lol donkaments!)
Seat 8 - Dale Pinchot - 374,000 (decent live mtt player)
Seat 9 - Scott Clements - 1,095,000 (Big Riisky)

Play will continue until three more players are eliminated, setting the six-handed WPT Final Table that starts tomorrow (Friday) at 4:00 pm Eastern