Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bon Voyage!

I'm off to enjoy a 7 night southern caribbean cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean "Adventure of the Seas". Been a few years since my last vacation so this will be a much need break. Boarding out of Puerto Rico, then stopping off in Antigua, Barbados, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten. Unfortunately the World Poker Showdown happens in St. Maarten a couple days after I arrive there. Will check out the casino there though. Best of luck with your online gambling this week!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Losing Concentration / Needing to make a move

Played in the Poker Stars million dollar guaranteed yesterday. 4500 players so there was some overlay. Played pretty solid, up until towards the 2nd break. Had 4500 chips, average was about 6k, but was at my table average. One guy put all his chips in with A3, and doubled up off of AT. Then stole the blinds for the next 3 until it got to me. Holding A8s, I pushed back all in, but to my surprise he woke up with AK. Two hearts on the flop, but none of my remaining 12 outs appeared and I was out.

So I wasted 2 hours of solid play on a play that I didn't necessarily need to make. Would a stop and go have been better? Possibly, especially on that flop. I'm pretty sure I could have easily made the money staying at this table as I had most players figured out. Though as always, I'll play to win. Usually I'll have another table open to keep me from playing too much, but my other tourney ended early when somebody thought QTs was worth calling over half your stack off preflop.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Finally a good MTT result

Played the Blogger Poker tour match today on Blogger Poker Tour - Ended up finishing 2nd.

Started hot early, with a made straight on the turn and got all my chips in. Stayed top 5 for a while, and then got hit hard. KK vs TT. Other guy puts all his chips in on the Q high flop, and I called. Low and behold he already made his set. Rest of the tourney played pretty much All-in or nothing.

When I made the final table, one hand that propelled me was pocket 4s. Min raised, BB called. Set on the flop. He went all in with AJ (TPTK), and I quickly called. Never looked back on the chip lead.

Top 4 made it to the Finals. Buddy Lifesagrind made it to the final 4 as well. Had a scary moment vs him with the dreaded JJ, but luckily they held up vs his Ax. Heads up was me vs DamRiver who played a very solid game. I tried bullying him, but overcommitted on 2nd pair when he held top pair. Congrats and good luck in the final. I eventually went allin with K9 vs 76. Flopped 7 and thats all she wrote.

Not much $ difference between 1st and 2nd ($125 vs $100), but would probably have boosted my confidence a little bit more. Oh well at least I'm through now!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

lol at bots

There have been recent discussion in several poker forums lately about possible bots playing $22 sitngos on Party Poker. The list of bot names are

1 ragra
2 frnchrev
3 lvstrg
4 thathy
5 hnglos
6 sanroad
7 micmonn
8 k1muller
9 trvndrm
10 remick2
11 mdwlrk
12 bmpcch
13 iluvaks
14 rswhlr
15 dabsop
16 josamart
17 cufutbl
18 pbnsub

Now I checked my recent hand history, and in fact have played with 3 of these things, 4 times in total. Their best result was a 5th. Thats a nice 0 for 4. Characteristics are that they play tight, and when they do bet they go "allmost allin" late in the sng.

So if you ever see these guys playing, go signup for the room. These bots stink. A combination of party maniacs with sucky bots, equals easy money. No wonder why my $20 Party ITM/ROI is so good.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

So close to $2million, what a tease.

Finished my InterCasino wr at $300 for a profit of $200, so as customary I play some slots to give some $ back. The millionaire jackpot is over $2 million now. You get this jackpot by getting 3 of those Club symbols and then play some bonus game. 4 levels of play, you advance to each level by hitting the down arrow on your roulette type of spin. I made it to the last level, and then hits the $100. If you make it to that last level, I'm not sure on the exact odds, but I think its 1in7 to the jackpot. I feel like puking, so close. My dreams will have to wait.


meh, must be easier than I thought to make it to the final ring. Just did it again. Oh well, now I have $100 left to go for the gold. The third time better be the charm.

edit again:

ok finally got a screenshot of this thing, after making it to the final round again!

All I had to do was get the middle to arrows to match, and the jackpot was mine. Looks like it was a 1/12 chance. Well since I've already done it 3 times, maybe in 9 more times I'll hit it! Oh well at least I have $175 left to go for this now.

edit 4/13....

lots of bonus spins, only made it down to the final 1 time. So thats 4 times in total, only 8 more times now :) Down to $100 though.

edit 4/17

My dream is finally over ... until next month. Finally busted. Got to the middle a couple more times, but nothing. Hope its still around in May!