Thursday, April 13, 2006

lol at bots

There have been recent discussion in several poker forums lately about possible bots playing $22 sitngos on Party Poker. The list of bot names are

1 ragra
2 frnchrev
3 lvstrg
4 thathy
5 hnglos
6 sanroad
7 micmonn
8 k1muller
9 trvndrm
10 remick2
11 mdwlrk
12 bmpcch
13 iluvaks
14 rswhlr
15 dabsop
16 josamart
17 cufutbl
18 pbnsub

Now I checked my recent hand history, and in fact have played with 3 of these things, 4 times in total. Their best result was a 5th. Thats a nice 0 for 4. Characteristics are that they play tight, and when they do bet they go "allmost allin" late in the sng.

So if you ever see these guys playing, go signup for the room. These bots stink. A combination of party maniacs with sucky bots, equals easy money. No wonder why my $20 Party ITM/ROI is so good.

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