Sunday, April 09, 2006

So close to $2million, what a tease.

Finished my InterCasino wr at $300 for a profit of $200, so as customary I play some slots to give some $ back. The millionaire jackpot is over $2 million now. You get this jackpot by getting 3 of those Club symbols and then play some bonus game. 4 levels of play, you advance to each level by hitting the down arrow on your roulette type of spin. I made it to the last level, and then hits the $100. If you make it to that last level, I'm not sure on the exact odds, but I think its 1in7 to the jackpot. I feel like puking, so close. My dreams will have to wait.


meh, must be easier than I thought to make it to the final ring. Just did it again. Oh well, now I have $100 left to go for the gold. The third time better be the charm.

edit again:

ok finally got a screenshot of this thing, after making it to the final round again!

All I had to do was get the middle to arrows to match, and the jackpot was mine. Looks like it was a 1/12 chance. Well since I've already done it 3 times, maybe in 9 more times I'll hit it! Oh well at least I have $175 left to go for this now.

edit 4/13....

lots of bonus spins, only made it down to the final 1 time. So thats 4 times in total, only 8 more times now :) Down to $100 though.

edit 4/17

My dream is finally over ... until next month. Finally busted. Got to the middle a couple more times, but nothing. Hope its still around in May!


Omenic said...

I 'll put my request in for a little share in advance of the win.

I know you can do it.

actyper said...

I'm leaving $30 odd dollars to go for it again.

Riverrun said...

Good luck!! Blogger party in Vegas if you WIN!! I'll even invite myself ;)

Omenic said...

Don't quit.

You can do it.

Man I should work for one of those Gambler Hotlines.

actyper said...

Yeah like the movie 2 for the money, where Pacino goes to Gamblers Anonymous, then passes out his sports betting business cards! :)

I got about 7 bonus spins yesterday, none of them made the final circle.

Down to $100 now.

DuggleBogey said...

It looks like there's only one middle arrow, and there are two outer ones to match it with.

So it would seem like a one in six chance, not one in twelve?

Riverrun said...

I just wanted to let you know I signed up for online casino.

Pretty sweet deal, im 25% through requirements and im at $520 in my acccount. I'm playing 3 handed 5 bucks a spot. I hope I can cash out atleast $250 after im done.

actyper said...

At the very top of the screen there's the "permanent arrow". Has to align with that one.

Anonymous said...

It's slaman from PSO...

Looked at that image... wouldn't it be 4/20*2/18*1/12?

I mean, you have to line up the first circle, which is a 1/5 shot, and then line up the second, which is a 1/9 shot, and then line up the final one, which is a 1/12 shot...

That's 1/540 everytime you reach that jackpot wheel.

Does the wheel stop when you press the down button? Or are all three wheels chosen for you?

How many times have you reached that wheel?

actyper said...

Your odds are sort of right. Say you land on 8 your first spin. You spin again and you accumulate the $8, but that 8 space now turns into a B (for bust).

The power meter on the side decides the wheel spin for you. Once you hit an arrow, it automatically spins for you.

Another thing with the odds is that I dunno if its a natural spin. If it was a roulette wheel in a land based casino, then the odds would hold true. I'm pretty much just joking when I say I have a 1/12 chance in winning the $12 mil, as I don't know if its truly a completely random spin on the final wheel.

You get the bonus spins pretty often, more often than the scatter bonuses on regular slots.