Monday, April 17, 2006

Losing Concentration / Needing to make a move

Played in the Poker Stars million dollar guaranteed yesterday. 4500 players so there was some overlay. Played pretty solid, up until towards the 2nd break. Had 4500 chips, average was about 6k, but was at my table average. One guy put all his chips in with A3, and doubled up off of AT. Then stole the blinds for the next 3 until it got to me. Holding A8s, I pushed back all in, but to my surprise he woke up with AK. Two hearts on the flop, but none of my remaining 12 outs appeared and I was out.

So I wasted 2 hours of solid play on a play that I didn't necessarily need to make. Would a stop and go have been better? Possibly, especially on that flop. I'm pretty sure I could have easily made the money staying at this table as I had most players figured out. Though as always, I'll play to win. Usually I'll have another table open to keep me from playing too much, but my other tourney ended early when somebody thought QTs was worth calling over half your stack off preflop.


moneymate said...

AC did you buy in directly? or satellite?


actyper said...

I bought in directly. I wish I could have used W$ on this but can't. Once I saw that there would be some overlay, decided I wanted to play it.

jl514 said...

This isn't relevant to this post, but I wanted to make sure you'd see it. I got my cashout from Online Casino today, and an email from Flamingo Club that they're now offering 300% as well, and $25 free in addition. I went to try it but my account is locked for "security reasons." Oh well, I got 2 out of the group

actyper said...

Cool, thanks for the info. I did 3 before when they were sticky, and then did online casino. When I tried Flamingo they said "no bonus for you!"