Saturday, April 15, 2006

Finally a good MTT result

Played the Blogger Poker tour match today on Blogger Poker Tour - Ended up finishing 2nd.

Started hot early, with a made straight on the turn and got all my chips in. Stayed top 5 for a while, and then got hit hard. KK vs TT. Other guy puts all his chips in on the Q high flop, and I called. Low and behold he already made his set. Rest of the tourney played pretty much All-in or nothing.

When I made the final table, one hand that propelled me was pocket 4s. Min raised, BB called. Set on the flop. He went all in with AJ (TPTK), and I quickly called. Never looked back on the chip lead.

Top 4 made it to the Finals. Buddy Lifesagrind made it to the final 4 as well. Had a scary moment vs him with the dreaded JJ, but luckily they held up vs his Ax. Heads up was me vs DamRiver who played a very solid game. I tried bullying him, but overcommitted on 2nd pair when he held top pair. Congrats and good luck in the final. I eventually went allin with K9 vs 76. Flopped 7 and thats all she wrote.

Not much $ difference between 1st and 2nd ($125 vs $100), but would probably have boosted my confidence a little bit more. Oh well at least I'm through now!


jl514 said...

congrats on the finish acty!

Poker Dreamer said...

Congrats again. I'll see ya in the finals.

Sorry I thought u were a chick but when I think of Ashley normally, I think female. Never did catch your real name. I'm Joey BTW.


moneymate said...
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moneymate said...

that is his name :lol:

btw, congratz AC!

Omenic said...


not bad

almost top 25%.

actyper said...

Yeah I made a semi-stupid play. Still had 4500 chips left. Some guy has been stealing blinds very often, thought he was stealing mine. I reraised allin with A8s. He woke up with AK. 2 hearts on the flop, but couldn't catch the flush. Lost my concentration after 2 hours, didn't really need to make that play.

Porkrind said...

Excellent game. Stuck to your left most of the middle rounds and you did not give me a chance to catch any flops.

actyper said...

Thanks. GL in the future events, and your BW recruitment! :)