Thursday, August 31, 2006

BJ Tournaments on UB = Good Times!

Last night, Onion, Sterling, and myself played the new Blackjack Tournies on UB. 7 seat SnG. Good fun, good times. Come join us in the PSO Chat, we'll probably play some more tonight.

Time to look into tournament strategies, haven't played too many.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oye Oye Oye

Wife wants to take a vacation next year, sometime between Feb and April. A 2wk package through Australia, New Zealand, and Tahiti. Early estimation looks like it will be about $8k. Therefore...

** New Goal - $8k before I book. I'm guessing we book by November the latest if were going in Feb, so I'll set a 2 month time frame starting Sep 1. I'm planning most to make most of it via tourney play, so time to step it up.

btw, I was on tv last night but I missed it. Anybody download it or know a good torrent site to find it? WTF happened to that pokerbay place?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

WSOP: ME 1D - ESPN 9pm est Tonight!!

Tonight on ESPN 9pm est - World Series of Poker 2006 Main Event - Day 1D

Remember those Where's Waldo books? Here's your chance to look for me!

If you don't have ESPN, you can watch it free from your computer

Download TVU Player from

Hints to find me
- Good looking Chinese guy
- 3 seats to the left of Robert Williamson III
- wearing Poker Stars hockey jersey
- Shades if i'm in the hand

Happy hunting!

EDIT: F*CK I'm so stupid, i thought it was on at 9pm, was actually 8pm. Day 2 is on at 9. If you downloaded it, please let me know, thanks.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Headsup: Unlucky or just sucky?

Not sure whats wrong with my headsup game. Lately I've been getting a lot of 2nds. Yesterday I got 3.

1) A dinky $380 freeroll with 38 players. Was bored. Was about 2:1 underdog when HU started. Got close to even until dude catches AK 3 times within 10 hands. Lost it all with a k high flop, KJ vs AK. Ended up with $70

2) WCOOP $530 satellite. 20+ players. This one I can take. Was 10:1 underdog! Ended up with $0

3) STT. I had this table absolutely figured out. Only lost $ when I got sucked out. Was 2:1 underdog entering HU. Went up about 3:2, and then all my $ went in PF, AK vs QJ. J on the flop. Fought back to close to 3:2 underdog, then lost it all 88 vs T8. Ended up with $15 (Party monster)

My winning % used to be huge headsup. I normally play pretty aggressive in the SB. The only cards I fold preflop is if I get a 2 or a 3 w/o an A or a K. I dunno if its variance, bad luck. I don't think I'm overly aggressive, I have my spidy senses when I think I'm being slowplayed. Oh well, I guess 2nd is better than "participant", but I think it feels better when you go out early.

On the positive note, +€150 from gamebookers and +$75 from Party Casino.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pokerxfactor WSOP qualifier Hand History

Wanted to try out this pokerxfactor hand history playback. If your bored here is my wsop main event qualifier hand history. Please note, my vpip was pretty much non existant, I barely played any hands, so keep the speed at max!

Poker Stars 2006 WSOP qualifier

Please make any comments as well, watching it again I noticed a weird fold I made early.

Edit.. doh, I guess I can't share full mtts publically unless you signup. I think free registration is ok as well.

Poker Misc Pics

My 1st year anniversary present from my wife

What I saw in Vegas (hint, look in the sky!)

Proof that I'm a poker degenerate. (Texas Holdem - My new free xbox 360 game, thanks Microsoft)

Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm so jealous

Congrats go out to hit21hit / Timex for taking home $330k, yes thats right, $330k for his Paradise Power Final Table showing. It was a $1million stt rewarded to Power leaderboard winners. Each player was guaranteed $10k, and the $1mil was choppable 3 handed. 3 handed, he had 27% of the chips and in 2nd place, but managed to negotiate $310k for himself. They played it out with the winner taking home the final $20k, which he won. This shows the power of building a bankroll through poker and casino whoring. Even as late as early this year, hit21hit was casino whoring. Built up his bankroll, started training and practicing his mtt play, and now look at him. Probably $400k in tourney winnings this year, P5 Triple Crown winner, and don't be surprised if he makes the top 10 by the end of the year.

In terms of my tourney play, it stinks. Played the FTOPS event#6, NL6handed - Deepstack. Was playing pretty solid, started building up my stack, until the last hand before the break. Sitting at 5700 chips, I find AQ utg, after just transferring to this new table. I should have just laid it down and taken my shit, instead I 4xbb and I get 2 callers. Flop comes Q53, and SB leads out with a almost pot bet. Now I decide to tango with this big stack and double his bet. Other guy folds, and then this guy pauses and reraises. I lay down TPTK, and he tells me he had 53 as they were joking about that hand before. I told him I had JJ.

A few hands later I find myself with AK in lp. Same big stack limper, I raise, BB calls, and limper calls. Flop comes KT9. Check, check, 3/4 bet. BB calls, limper folds. Fock this guy has QJ. But stubborn me bets the turn anyways, BB goes allin, and I call. QJ. Game over. That sucked, my gut was right and I didn't listen to it. Was confident before playing this event too, I love the short handed game.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

WPT Niagara Satellites

World Poker Tour North American Poker Championships (WPT Niagara Fallsview) Oct 25 - October 25 - 28
Finals: October 29
Tournament fee: $10,300

WPT Canadian Poker Open Championship
October 22 - 24
Finals: October 30
Tournament fee: $2,700.00

Both Championships will be held at Fallsview Casino Resort.

To register for either WPT Championship: call 1-866-5-POKER-5 or visit our Poker Room.

Frequently Asked Questions:

October 22 - 30, 2006. Final table taping October 30.

All Tournaments and Satellites begin at Noon. Satellites continue on demand until Midnight (last start).

Fallsview – Main Event, Avalon Ballroom / Satellites, Poker Room.

No maximum number of entrants for Main Event.

19 years of age, valid Government issued photo ID required.


A maximum 3% of prize pool will be deducted for Dealer gratuities.

Cash, Chips, Satellites, Credit Cards, Bank Draft, Casino Credit.

20,000 in starting Tournament chips for the Main Event, varies for each Satellite.

90 minutes for Main Event, varies for each Satellite.

Blind Structure
All Tournaments and Satellites will use the same blind structure; lengths of blind levels will vary.

Here are the current online and live sites that offer satellites. This post will be continously updated.

Poker in Canada - SnG step qualifiers. Starting at $1.60. 4 stages. Very weak players, fast blind structure.

WPT Online - low limit step qualifiers. Start at £4. WPT Online is also the only site with Canadian Poker Championships qualifiers as well! This is the subevent for the NAPC.

Doyle's Room - rebuy tournies. Start at $3 or so. Golden Palace Poker as well.

Paradise Poker - Rebuy tournies. $5 - $50. They have the odd rare freezeout qualifier. Direct qualifier is either a $200 or a $500 freezeout mtt.

Full Tilt Poker - Winner's Choice Tournaments. $24, $69 sats.

Ultimate Bet - $300 super satellites or $100 satellite for land based event

Poker Room - Conquer Canada Win a seat for both events!!! $100 sng sat, or $50 mtt to get into weekely $650 mtt.

Titan Poker - WPT Choice satellites. Various SnGs and MTTs. 3 steps.

For live satellites here are the options:

Satellites at Fallsview Casino

2 step satellites

Step 1 - $90 STT: 1st place = $640 sat. 2nd place = replay step 1
- 800 starting chips, 10 min blinds. start at 25/25 = TURBO!!!
-Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Step 2 - $640 2TT: 1st = Seat ($10.3k) 2nd = $1200 sat 3rd = replay step 2 2000 starting, 20 min blinds. Fridays only.


$160 stt - 1st = $1200 sat 2nd replay step 1. $1000 starting 15min blind
- Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday

$1200 stt - 1st = seat, 2nd = replay 2500 starting 30 min blinds.
- saturday only

There are also Canadian Poker Championship (subevent) satellites at Fallsview.

WPT Niagara Satellite Blind Structures


Labatt Blue Chip Tournament
- visit your local bar to obtain labatt blue poker chips. Winners of each local event will play in the regional events. Info on the site is pretty vague, better just to visit a participating bar, down a blue, get a chip or 2, and show up that date.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Up and Down Weekend

Up: - Qualified for Party Monster Monthly $1 million
- Qualified for another Party Monster Weekly
- Finished InterCasino monthly at $350
- Qualified for Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event $6 ($250k guar SH event)
- Finally got a nice payment from Gammon Empire

Down: - NL Cash games. Down about $100 overall. Worst beat was KK vs TT, when all $ went in after the turn. Rivered his 2outer T to take $200+ off of me.
- $55 $10k guaranteed. 89 entries. Finished 40ish when QQ lost to KJ. $ went in preflop, flop KKx. Took a big hit when dude would not lay down his pocket 7s after heavy betting on all streets.
- $50 Titan $250k NFL qualifier. Rivered flush knocked me out. AQ vs A8s
- Failed on 3 Party monster qualifiers. $11 buyins
- Titan Rio, lost big against a T6s with my AK. It was sooooted so ok to call my big preflop raise.

Even: - 3/6 cash games. Bad results on Paradise, good results on UB and Poker Share.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally Caught my Monster

After 15 tries, finally qualifed for the Party Poker Weekly $100k Monster. I can't remember the last time I've done so poorly (result wise). I think I'm playing fine, its just I'm playing too many of these speed $5+1 were it can be luckfests. I actually won 2 times, but realized afterwards when trying to register for the monster that I had just won a regular sng. Might go back to $20 ones for this promo, as the low levels can get frustrating.

and congratulations to Jamie Gold for winning the 2006 World Series of Poker. $12 million, unlimited sponsorship, and a sick bracelet.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Monster Hunter

Not much poker play lately. Went to Ottawa over the long weekend for a wedding. The only poker play I've done has been chasing the Party Poker Monster. Man I can't win a SNG. I think I'm 0fer7, with 2 headsup losses. I don't think I'm playing bad either, favourite (most of the time heavy) going in, loser coming out. Its been a while since I've gone 7 SNGs without a win. Mostly speed ones, I might go back to normal ones. I joined a holdem one by mistake, should have won that but I laid down a top pair + 4 high flush draw. Would have been good by the river, oh well.

On the Casino front, still doing the InterCasino reload. So far so good, can't believe the millionaires jackpot hasn't hit yet. 3.8 million. Dash Casino was in and out, i don't know how Omenic keeps winning those slots. Haven't hit a good scatter in a long time.

Doyle's room has also opened up qualifiers for the WPT Niagara.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

WSOP: The dream is over

After an anxiety filled morning, I finally got started off with my event. Seated with 5 other internet qualifiers (at least) and a no show. No show turned out to be Robert Williamson III. Great guy, chatted it up with all of us. In fact the whole table was pretty good. Had one loose calling station get knocked out by the first break or so. Never had any hands to take advantage of him though. 3rd hand in the tourney I held KK, only to be halted by a flopped A. Played pretty much even poker up until the 2nd break. Then it was all downhill.

My flops weren't hitting, and just lost confidence in my preflop raising. Started trying to see cheap flops too often instead of taking control. This was a big weakness in my game, making $ when I can't find online dummies to donate. I'm sure I'll get more experienced as I play more quality tournies, but right now my aggression level isn't where I want it to be. I don't think I bluff reraised at all tonight, and after I stopped being the aggressor, by big hand raises were getting folded.

One hand that hurt during this downward spiral was cutoff 3x raise to 600, button (me) call with 88, sb raising to 1500, BB fold, cutoff call, I call. Flop 2d4h6h. SB checks, cutoff pushes. That was going to be my move. Both have me covered. At that point I had 5k left. The only hands I could have hoped he had were 33, 55, or 77, or AKQh. I decided he had be beat so i folded, SB called with TT, and cutoff showed QQ. Not sure why TT was played that way, but oh well. Harmless turn, river was the dreaded 8. Man I didn't want to see that.

Final hand for me was me reraising a weak raise with AQ. Turns out the dude was begging for a call as he flipped over KK. At this point I was down to about 2.5k at 150/300 25 ante. I folded 44 to a preflop raise a hand or two earlier. Maybe that was the better hand to push.

Oh well, learned a lot, experienced a lot, and hopefully I'll be able to use it next year or another tourney soon. Have to look at my whole tournament game over again. I can't rely on poor players to chip me up early so I can play my game. All in all, Vegas and the WSOP was a blast, but going to head home soon. Have to check what flights there are.