Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm so jealous

Congrats go out to hit21hit / Timex for taking home $330k, yes thats right, $330k for his Paradise Power Final Table showing. It was a $1million stt rewarded to Power leaderboard winners. Each player was guaranteed $10k, and the $1mil was choppable 3 handed. 3 handed, he had 27% of the chips and in 2nd place, but managed to negotiate $310k for himself. They played it out with the winner taking home the final $20k, which he won. This shows the power of building a bankroll through poker and casino whoring. Even as late as early this year, hit21hit was casino whoring. Built up his bankroll, started training and practicing his mtt play, and now look at him. Probably $400k in tourney winnings this year, P5 Triple Crown winner, and don't be surprised if he makes the top 10 by the end of the year.

In terms of my tourney play, it stinks. Played the FTOPS event#6, NL6handed - Deepstack. Was playing pretty solid, started building up my stack, until the last hand before the break. Sitting at 5700 chips, I find AQ utg, after just transferring to this new table. I should have just laid it down and taken my shit, instead I 4xbb and I get 2 callers. Flop comes Q53, and SB leads out with a almost pot bet. Now I decide to tango with this big stack and double his bet. Other guy folds, and then this guy pauses and reraises. I lay down TPTK, and he tells me he had 53 as they were joking about that hand before. I told him I had JJ.

A few hands later I find myself with AK in lp. Same big stack limper, I raise, BB calls, and limper calls. Flop comes KT9. Check, check, 3/4 bet. BB calls, limper folds. Fock this guy has QJ. But stubborn me bets the turn anyways, BB goes allin, and I call. QJ. Game over. That sucked, my gut was right and I didn't listen to it. Was confident before playing this event too, I love the short handed game.

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jl514 said...

Holy crap. Tell him to donate to the car cause :D I'll get a supercharger in his name!