Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Monster Hunter

Not much poker play lately. Went to Ottawa over the long weekend for a wedding. The only poker play I've done has been chasing the Party Poker Monster. Man I can't win a SNG. I think I'm 0fer7, with 2 headsup losses. I don't think I'm playing bad either, favourite (most of the time heavy) going in, loser coming out. Its been a while since I've gone 7 SNGs without a win. Mostly speed ones, I might go back to normal ones. I joined a holdem one by mistake, should have won that but I laid down a top pair + 4 high flush draw. Would have been good by the river, oh well.

On the Casino front, still doing the InterCasino reload. So far so good, can't believe the millionaires jackpot hasn't hit yet. 3.8 million. Dash Casino was in and out, i don't know how Omenic keeps winning those slots. Haven't hit a good scatter in a long time.

Doyle's room has also opened up qualifiers for the WPT Niagara.


Omenic said...

I busted on Dash.

Anything else new?

What's the Intercasino Jackpot on?

actyper said...

There's Grand Monaco and Villento, both microgaming and use that new EZ bonus system. I can put up the links later if you want.

Intercasino jackpot is for the Millionaires Club slot. The one with the wheel that spins around and you have to make it down 3 levels.