Monday, August 28, 2006

Headsup: Unlucky or just sucky?

Not sure whats wrong with my headsup game. Lately I've been getting a lot of 2nds. Yesterday I got 3.

1) A dinky $380 freeroll with 38 players. Was bored. Was about 2:1 underdog when HU started. Got close to even until dude catches AK 3 times within 10 hands. Lost it all with a k high flop, KJ vs AK. Ended up with $70

2) WCOOP $530 satellite. 20+ players. This one I can take. Was 10:1 underdog! Ended up with $0

3) STT. I had this table absolutely figured out. Only lost $ when I got sucked out. Was 2:1 underdog entering HU. Went up about 3:2, and then all my $ went in PF, AK vs QJ. J on the flop. Fought back to close to 3:2 underdog, then lost it all 88 vs T8. Ended up with $15 (Party monster)

My winning % used to be huge headsup. I normally play pretty aggressive in the SB. The only cards I fold preflop is if I get a 2 or a 3 w/o an A or a K. I dunno if its variance, bad luck. I don't think I'm overly aggressive, I have my spidy senses when I think I'm being slowplayed. Oh well, I guess 2nd is better than "participant", but I think it feels better when you go out early.

On the positive note, +€150 from gamebookers and +$75 from Party Casino.

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