Tuesday, August 01, 2006

WSOP: The dream is over

After an anxiety filled morning, I finally got started off with my event. Seated with 5 other internet qualifiers (at least) and a no show. No show turned out to be Robert Williamson III. Great guy, chatted it up with all of us. In fact the whole table was pretty good. Had one loose calling station get knocked out by the first break or so. Never had any hands to take advantage of him though. 3rd hand in the tourney I held KK, only to be halted by a flopped A. Played pretty much even poker up until the 2nd break. Then it was all downhill.

My flops weren't hitting, and just lost confidence in my preflop raising. Started trying to see cheap flops too often instead of taking control. This was a big weakness in my game, making $ when I can't find online dummies to donate. I'm sure I'll get more experienced as I play more quality tournies, but right now my aggression level isn't where I want it to be. I don't think I bluff reraised at all tonight, and after I stopped being the aggressor, by big hand raises were getting folded.

One hand that hurt during this downward spiral was cutoff 3x raise to 600, button (me) call with 88, sb raising to 1500, BB fold, cutoff call, I call. Flop 2d4h6h. SB checks, cutoff pushes. That was going to be my move. Both have me covered. At that point I had 5k left. The only hands I could have hoped he had were 33, 55, or 77, or AKQh. I decided he had be beat so i folded, SB called with TT, and cutoff showed QQ. Not sure why TT was played that way, but oh well. Harmless turn, river was the dreaded 8. Man I didn't want to see that.

Final hand for me was me reraising a weak raise with AQ. Turns out the dude was begging for a call as he flipped over KK. At this point I was down to about 2.5k at 150/300 25 ante. I folded 44 to a preflop raise a hand or two earlier. Maybe that was the better hand to push.

Oh well, learned a lot, experienced a lot, and hopefully I'll be able to use it next year or another tourney soon. Have to look at my whole tournament game over again. I can't rely on poor players to chip me up early so I can play my game. All in all, Vegas and the WSOP was a blast, but going to head home soon. Have to check what flights there are.


Omenic said...

Nice playing Ash.

12 hours. Probably about 11 longer than I'd last.

Riverrun said...

Great show Actyper!!

Chalk it up to experience and you'll be better equiped for next year.

Lifesagrind said...

Just remember...you lasted longer than a lot of pro's.

Good Job!

Scottwire said...

Now next year you can go back and own them all.

You definitely outlasted over a thousand players for the day and 4000 overall.

good job and hopefully we'll all get to play in the main event with you.

Just don't beat yourself up over the downward spiral. I'm still kicking myself over my bad plays at the end.

actyper said...

Dan and I were laughing about that. A couple of hands before I went out, we saw Chip Reese bust out the next table over. I outlasted Chip Reese :)

My advice for you guys next year, don't get it in your head to "Just make it to day 2" You should be able to build a nicer stack the 1st day, though anything over 10k is still good enought for Day 2 play.

chipper said...

Funny how when it comes to big money it seems to make the online aggressive players play a bit tighter. The pros know this and take advantage it. Don't worry though - experience will teach you to play better no matter what stakes you are playing for.

tcx123 said...

Ok, maybe I'm going to be the only one that's going to write a negative comment, but I really don't like how you played the 88 hand.

Calling the cutoff bet is fine. His range of hands is going to be large.

However, when the sb raises and the cut off calls....you have to know you're your hand isn't very good. Sure it's only 900 more to call with a pot size of about 3800....but your stack size is only about 6000....I would rather not commit another sixth of my stack to hope for a set.

The best you can hope for is that both players are sharing over cards like AK, AK or something of that nature.

Either way, unless you hit your set off the flop...you're not going to know where you stand.

The flop was one of the best flops you could hope for...and you still had to lay it down. Which suggests to me, that you should have layed it preflop.

If they had checked the hand to you...you would have ended up betting a fair amount and would have a tough decision to any raise.

There's just too many bad things that can happen with this hand as opposed to the good (flopped set)...to make this call preflop.

I understand the tourney is large, and you're going to have to gamble at some point...but this isn't the right spot. If you and at least one of the opponents both had super deep stacks at this point, this would be an easy call preflop....but to me, it's not worth one sixth of your stack.

Curatio said...

Um, yeah, it's easy to analyze when you are not there, under the pressure, with your hands shaking...

But, regardless, I would disagree with your analysis. The pot was laying him 4:1 odds, and his chances of making a set on the flop is 8:1. But with two others already in the pot and announcing they have big hands, he is getting huge implied odds which more than justify the call. If he makes the call and hits his set on the flop, he'll likely triple up and be in good shape for the rest of the night.

Anyway, you did well, Ash. Way better than some big name pros like Hellmuth, Brunson, Lederer, Gordon, etc. And next year, you'll be in even better shape with all that experience behind you. Let's hope I'll be able to join you at the tables for 2007!

dlk9s said...

I think Ashley's 8-8 laydown was excellent, especially considering the flop. I think the pre-flop call was fine, considering it was early and he could afford it.

It hurt to see the 8 on the river, but you can't be results oriented.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ash - bummer we didn't get together for a beer while there, would have been good to meet you.

I lasted just past the first break in event #37, but did bust Mark Gregorich before I did the walk of shame. 1500 starting chips just isn't much when the blinds are 25/50 in hour 2.