Monday, July 31, 2006

Insomnia: T - 6hrs

6 hrs to go before I start, and I can't sleep. Didn't really sleep at all last night, but at least i'm not that tired. Went to the Bluff Magazine party at the Hard Rock last night. Good party, lot of pros showed up. Doyle, Lane Flack, Liz Lieu, John Phan, Devilfish, Gavin Smith, Dutch Boyd, and more.. Emeka Okafur of the Charlotte Bobcats made an appearance, he was at least 2 ft taller than the next tallest in the room! Only stayed till like 11 though.

Last few days I've spent it "touristing Vegas" with the wife. Wow, can't believe the amount of walking we did. Pretty much visited every hotel on the strip, made it as far south as NYNY.

PSO party was cool, finally met some faces to match with members! Tons of gifts, cash, and prizes were given away. Open bar and tons of food. Unfortunately, couldn't stay too long, had dinner plans. Went to Circo after, food was amazing. Oysters were the shiznit!!! Treasure Island buffet was good as well. mmmm Crab legs.

Time to go back to bed, lie down for another 1.5 hrs or so.

Hopefully I'll have live updates on somewhere

PSO Forum
Card Player
Pocket 5s Live
Poker Stars Blog


Scottwire said...

Good luck sir! Just relax, play your game and bring home some phat cash!

chipper said...

Test your limits and your opponents! GL on the big game. Will be hoping for you.

Curatio said...

Best of luck at the tables today! Hope you manage to get some sleep, 'cause 15 hours of poker is gonna be like running a marathon!

Gold999 said...

Good Luck Ash,

Look forward to hearing more of your Vegas stories...hopefully it's one where you bust out a pro.