Monday, July 10, 2006

Piece of shit computer

I come home and my main computer doesn't turn on. There was a big storm in my area, might have killed something. The light on my motherboard doesn't turn on. Must be fried. That or my power supply isn't working. Any way to test other than putting my toungue on the end of it? :) Prob my motherboard though. What a waste of $. Stupid Asus, not even 2 years old either.


Curatio said...
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Curatio said...

Sorry, meant to ask if the power supply fan is running. If it is, then the motherboard is likely the problem. If fan isn't running, the overload protection circuitry on the power supply might be on, and you'll need to disconnect power for a while to let it reset. If that doesn't work, then it might be worth trying to replace just the PS, as those tend to fail fairly often. It has happened to me before.

jl514 said...

I would need to see it, but you'd much rather replace the PSU. They cost way less, and are connected to way less. If you have to remove the mobo you have to take EVERYTHING out. If there was lightning, PSUs usually have an overload circut that prevents charge from reaching your sensitive stuff, but who knows.

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jl514 said...

combine for link. HTML is not my thing this morning

actyper said...

Thanks, hopefully it is just my power supply. All I get is some high pitch sound when I flip on the rear power switch. I had it unplugged the whole night and plugged it back in this morning. Nothing. Looks like the PS.

Great, thanks JL. All I need is more wsop sats for me to fail at!

actyper said...

Put in a new power supply. Light comes on, fan works fine, computer doesn't boot up. WTF!!!! Everything turns on, but no bootup screen. Hopefully out of clumsyness I plugged something back in wrong, better not be my mb.

scaryjerry said...

sometimes when a power supply craps out it will surge the board and coponents and their will be casualties.

i know at this point tit doesnt matter, but they do sell power supply testers

Omenic said...

nice finish in the BPT.