Saturday, July 08, 2006

Almost ready to give up the WSOP chase

MTT last night, 1st gets a seat. 14th place.

Hand Analysis
Me: 6900
Villian: Had me covered.
300/600 blinds

Me EP+2 raise to 2k with AQo. LP reraises to put me almost allin. LP tight player.

Gamble now or later?

MTT just now, 1st gets a seat. 16th place

Me = avg stack. Blinds 100/200.

UTG raises to 500. MP raises to 1k. Me with KK goes allin for 3k. Me+1 calls. UTG calls, Me-1 calls.

UTG = AA, Me-1 = AK, Me = KK, Me+1 = QQ

QQ wins. Was worried that Me-1 could have had AA. Didn't think UTG had AA as last time he did a limp in reraise allin. WTF was QQ doing? Oh well I vowed to play to win and gamble more this one, but I think I should have let it go. Pretty weak field. I should have definately let it go then, I could have outplayed these guys post flop.

My chase is almost over, almost....


Riverrun said...

Keep at it, atleast when you do get your seat you'll have a good story for ESPN.

Omenic said...

Play black jack an buy a seat ith your profit.

How is your live game?

Are you ready for the WPT games in Niagra in the fall?

Save your Knickles for that.

Maybe Ownage will have an online tourney and bring someone in.

Qualifier being 15 or 20 casinos

actyper said...

I can't see myself ever spending $10k on a seat. Unless I won the crypto millionaire jackpot! :) Failed again this month. Next year if I don't win a seat, I might just buyin a subevent.

WPT Niagara I'm going to play subs for sure. Just waiting for them to startup wherever. My live game aint bad, never played a live tourney in a casino before though.

tcx123 said...

You played those hands fine. As far as I'm concern, it's seems like an all or nothing type tourney. In these tourneys, you have to give yourself the chance to win...even if it means putting it in as a huge dog.

As for qualifying for the wsop, I think your best chance to get there is through stars. They have the 150 seats guaranteed on next Sunday I believe. Just try to beat out the weak rebuy qualifiers and qualify for the seat cheaply instead of buying in for $370.

Good luck.

actyper said...

Either that or the Full Tilt 100 seater. After those ones, I'll give up!