Monday, July 10, 2006

Blogroll Additions + New Cash Game Challenge (What's my level?)

First of all, if you read this blog and I haven't added you, please leave a message in my comments. There's a few that I've read in the past and been meaning to add, i'm just lazy and forgetful.

Since everybody else has some sort of cash game challenge, I might as well start one myself. It will be 2 challenges mixed into one, and the goal is to find my most profitable level.

The rooms: Either UB,Paradise, Party, or PokerShare
Game Type: 1 NL table, 1 limit table (Not enough action on PL)
The Limit: Starting at $50 buyin.
Moving up: Once I double up on my limit table or quadruple up on my NL table, I move up.

This challenge is for both Full Tables and 5/6 max short handed tables. If I bust, I start over again. I might change my moving up levels, might be too low to moveup, but I also don't want to to be a long challenge or else I might lose interest. :)

Was thinking of doing a sitngo challenge, but I might as well just play Rios or Steps if I'm going to do that.


Curatio said...

Hi! Been reading your blog for several weeks, now, and really enjoy it. Sounds like an interesting challenge, but didn't know that you play limit much. Good luck with it!

actyper said...

Actually I think I"m a better limit player than a nl one. At the higher levels, I'm still lacking the full sack with a big pressure bet. Short handed limit tables are my bread and butter right now, with $50nl sh not very far behind. My main goal is to get better at $200nl which I haven't been doing as well on yet.

jl514 said...

GL AC, for NL i'd say paradise, i made an assload of money when i did the promo there playing 50 or 100nl.

I liked the limit play at Titan a lot but i played 5/10 so i think the .5/1 or 1/2 FL play sucks everywhere

Syphos said...

Thanks for the add, had been meaning to add you (since I have been doing a large chunk of the casino bonus links you have). Well, you're added. Good luck with the challenge, I am contemplating my own.

Herald said...

Thanks for the link!

Once I get around to actually making a blogroll of my own, I'll make sure you're on there. There's a couple things I need to do first, and I'm going to Boston and New York for two weeks right away here so it might be after that :)