Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vegas Day 1

Quick post, only bought a few minutes!

Plane a little delayed, settled into Imperial Palace at about 1am. Went to the Wynn to meet up with DOnion to play some cash games. 1/3 NL, no max buyin. 1hr in, guess who shows up to play.

Shannon Elizabeth (Pie Girl!) and Boston Rob (Rob & Amber - Survivor)

Holy shit, its pretty cool in Vegas!

Ray Emery goalie for the Ottawa Senators was on my plane as well, I think.

Down a couple bucks for the night, didn't play the deep stack rich kids game. Theres one hand where I should of though. Shannon raised to 9, Rob put it to 45, another rich kid calls, and I'm sitting there with QQ. I folded. Its a fold I dunno if I would have made if alert, but this was on my 24th hr. :)

Should have wireless access at Treasure Island starting tonight!

Will be at the Rio at around 11am, and then I dunno what else is planned.


dlk9s said...

Yes, Boston Rob is extremely cool.


I know you're not reading this since you're already at the Rio, but I guess I'll probably see you there in a little while.

actyper said...

Yeah I wish Amber came along :)

I think we just missed you by about 1/2 hr.