Monday, July 17, 2006

WSOP I am in!!!!!

Will write about it later, too excited. Was tense. Pushing with JJ gave me a heart attack. Was as high as 20th place. Doubled up late with AA. That was huge. Didn't play the rest of the tourney.

Last day I was planning on playing wsop qualifiers too!


Omenic said...

congrats man.

I watched for a while.

GL in Vegas

Curatio said...

Great news! Glad your hard work has finally paid off. Best of luck at the tables! Can't wait to read your updates.

Mitra_ said...

Congrats man.
I've been following your blog in the last 2 months after discovering it on PSO and i can tell that you deserved this for all your dedication to the game.
Good luck there

Lifesagrind said...

Not such a waste of time anymore was it? :) Congratulations and I expect to be reading updates at every break during the big one.

scaryjerry said...


Omenic said...

Did you stop vibrating yet?

Do you have a summary of total buy-in paid, qualifiers won?

You qualified for qualifiers an amazing number of times.

Now you're in great job.

Are you buying bubble insurance?

I bet there'll be some live tourney play this week and into next.

actyper said...

thx guys. I'm probably going to create a new blog to track everything. Hopefully its not just one post! or maybe I'll be lucky enough to get Dan to provide play by play! :)

I prob spent $500-$700. That includes $350 for this one. Though $200 was paid for by a chopped qualifier from before.

No bubble insurance for me. Wearing Stars gear so I get my hotel for free.

I plan to get in a home game this week. Been a while since my last live tourney. Never played a casino tourney before though.

Omenic said...

This from the Casino Niagra website:

* Weekly tournament every Tuesday, 1pm - 7pm
* Registration starts 12pm
* Buy Ins start at $35 per session

Top 3 prize payout every session

Gold999 said...


Looking forward to hearing about your experience in Vegas.

Will be interesting to see what Stars does for you guy's.

Rod said...

It was nice seeing you close the deal - those Aces must have been pretty welcome, eh? Congrats, man!

Logan Lamb said...

Very nice, I am pulling for you. Keep that blog updated so we know how you stand. Very nice. You gotta be loving it.


andy said...

nice. i definitely wanna see updates.

ps i emailed u about send me a link pls. oh and is it 'risk free' as in wait a week, cashout then play risk free like CON was?

Porkrind said...

Nice to see yet another BPTer going. You played well in that series. Glad you finally made the cut.

Syphos said...


Omenic said...

Update your YTD $ #s.


actyper said...

Updated. My YTD has taken a hit due to hours spent getting into the wsop. Not really $ spent, but just time I could have been playing cash games. Need to step it up later this year to hit my cash goal of $30k. Or just win a nice tourney. Though speaking of cash games, I went through $500 this month playing on Dream Poker. I can't stand Prima/Microgaming ring games anymore, I just don't do good there. If I include the noncash $11k from the seat and hotel, then I would be close to $25k, but I'm not going to count that. Getting to the WSOP was one of my other goals. 1 down, 2 to go, I think.

Curatio said...

I have done really well on Prima, it's probably been my best site. Play the Bad Beat tables in the evenings, there seems to be some decent traffic there with plenty of loose players. I can always find about three good $100 NL tables there. The extra rake sucks, but you will more than make up for it with the profits. Plus there's always the chance you will hit the jackpot :)