Friday, July 14, 2006

Anti Kill Phil

Blair Rodman and Lee Nelson, are 2 greedy bastards who deserve to eat shit and die! No just kidding, but their Kill Phil book is turning poker to what what the Anti-Poker congressmen want, a game of luck.

Another WSOP satellite, another disappointing finish. 3rd. 1st place I think got a seat. Who knows if I'm getting anything. Final event of the bluff poker tour. I played pretty good poker, came back from 256 chips after my KK got molested by A2. Was the final table chip leader and continued my aggression throughout. Overplayed my TT against AA when it got down to 3. New I should have laid it down, dude bluffed with small bets, not allin bets.

The eventual winner took me out. My AQ was anally probed hard core by his AJ, when he hit his 4 card flush. This nemesis of mine relates back to my first paragraph. He was a Kill Phil player. I only saw one non preflop allin from him, and that was when he had KK. He won every single allin he was involved in, with several times getting very lucky. Completely took my ability to play post flop away from him. One time I folded 88. Going to have to reread that book to see where I really stood with that hand. Normally an easier fold with respect to the amount of chips involved. The book itself is pretty crappy, though there were some good points in it regarding allin moves. I don't think the authors even use it, but a lot of online players sure are!

This Sunday is probably my last day of WSOP qualifying, going to cut it off then and start my cash game challenge. Pokerstars 150 seat guar $350, Full Tilt 100 seat guar $500, Sun Poker 10 seat guar $140, Ace Flush 1 seat freeroll. Also have that Dream Poker $50k on sun I think. Will play qualifiers tonight, if I don't get in I will just buyin to the Pokerstars and Sun events.

and yeah, I got my withdraw. Risk free works!


Omenic said...

eric posted this:
If the oerson who wins the event does not win a WSOP seat, Bluff will put up the following as a first place prize!

1. 1 pair of Oakley Thumps

2. 1 -2003 WSOP DVD

3. an invitation to play me heads up on any site both parties have money! Thsi is eazy money!

4. 1 BLUFF WSOP Shirt!"

Nice shooting yesterday I wish my luck had been better.

You should take Eric for a grand.

actyper said...

If I were that Tex guy, I'd fight with VIP for that seat, or some other compensation.

They have to do something with the prize pool as well. There's no reason why VIP keeps it all if there is no seat given out for 1st.

Omenic said...

I wish I had that problem.

32vegas turned out OK.

the big, third deposit is a freeroll now. And I'm up.

Too bad I made a bigger than needed deposit on the first one.

actyper said...

You didn't post up your slot win yet!

Omenic said...

I'll do it when I get home later.

Just a couple of small ones. The one for $100 was great when I was down to about $6.

I really want to hit a big one on Thunderstruck. 5 hammers during the free spins.

Do you have a code for first web casino (brightshare) or an really good microgaming bonuses?

actyper said...

I'll post it up when I get home, forgot my brightshare pass. I might try it as well.

What microgaming slots have u done so far?

Do you do this strategy? Play with your $, then claim the bonus if you bust. That way you don't have to do the wr if you actually hit something nice.

Curatio said...

Good luck in your events Sunday. Any chance you might want to sub-in for a Titan invite-only Million Mania qualifier on Saturday, 4:45 pm EST? They gave me a free token for it, but I'm working. Also, can you send me an invite for to pokertrek at gmail dot com? Thanks!

Logan Lamb said...

I saw you at the final table. I don't like how the end of the BPT season is going. Simular problems as the first season.

Omenic said...

I did a lot of the microgaming slots. Most of the Brightshares.
forture affiliates, rewards (is only one bonus for the group)

Who has mummy's gold ?

not ladsbroke - won't run and I'm suspecious of all the multi repeat winners.

The BPT is ending badly but the guy is playing an angle. He played 17 events he probably lurked on the board all year and knows the way it should be.

Jeff can probably tell when he read the other threads.

I'm wordering if there were any deals cut by the other leaders.

I wanted i bigger field to increase my chances. Too bad you didn't play Logan.

actyper said...

Yeah I've been critical of the BPT since the 1st season. For some reason they choose not to listen to the players. There's a good reason why the BPT isn't more popular considering all the overlay with the added seats. This season, I pretty much only played the extra overlay events, will prob do the same season 3.

Curatio, I would but I probably won't be around on saturday. Have to do everything on Sat, cause on Sun going to be sitting in front of the computer the whole day. The refer a friend thing doesn't work anyways. Neither party gets teh bonus or the email.

Logan Lamb said...

Ya, I am going to push real hard on the next wsop. I am going to save up some spending cash and save my vac time. Hope I can win a seat.

Good luck on the ME seats this weekend actyper. You have played so many this weekend might do the trick.


AAbully27 said...

whats the deal with the offer is it deposit 200 withdrawl 200 like 888 and play with the bonus.

actyper said...

It worked for me!