Friday, July 28, 2006

Vegas Day 2

Got internet in my hotel room now :)

Day 2 started off with Onion and I checking out the RIO. All I can say is WOW. The convention was sweet, free swag everywhere, paradise/betus girls :), a lot more booths than I imagined. We left there with more clothes than I packed. The conference center where the playing takes place is massive. Table after table after table. I'm playing on table# 179, day 4. Right on the edge, where I can be the one of the first one's to rush for the bathrooms!

The rest of the day was spent doing a lot of walking in the 100deg heat. Very tiring.

I played a couple of tournies at Treasure Island later. 1st was a $50 stt. Super Turbo. 1500, 10 min blinds. Not much you can really do, but play fast. Went out 5th. Then I played a $60 freezout w/ alternatives. 30 people, 2000, 20mins. I thought the structure looked a bit nicer, but it really wasn't. After an hr, the blinds were 200/400. I got knocked out the last hand before the first break. BB mucked by mistake, so there was a freeplay on his blinds. utg +1 goes allin, has me covered by like 25 chips, and I call with AK. He had 77, and flops a 7. Game over. Weird thing is they started a whole new table for alternatives during the break. So they buyin full, get 2000 chips, and the blinds are 200/400. Talk about crap shoot.

Night time wasn't to nice either. Was overjoyed earlier when I saw the PHO restauraunt right in my hotel! Too bad it tasted more like POO in water. No not that bad, but it would easily be the worst in Toronto.

Played at the Wynn again later that night. Was mostly up, then went down, when boards were flushable, and then lost a $400 pot when dude fills his gutshot on the river. But not after he says the magic words after calling my turn bet: "I think I'm just donating here, I'm tired, ok I'll call" In other words he's saying "I'm a donkey, but because I said I'm tired, I'm not a donkey" Decided to call it a night after that, didn't want to go on tilt. Though I decided to dump $40 into a Wheel of Fortune slot on my way out. Got 4 spins, 25, 25, 30, 50. Not cool.


Gold999 said...

Great post, look forward to hearing all your storied from Vegas. Are you taking pictures?

chipper said...

GL in the big one. Best to have your best game on for that one. Those other tourneys with the outrageous blinds don't sound too fun. Keep us all posted on your progress.

actyper said...


Have my camera, but I'm not really a picture taking guy. Maybe my wife will take some when she gets in. I think I've taken 3 so far. :)