Sunday, July 02, 2006

To Break or not to Break

Getting frustrated by tourney beats, I want to take a break, but I dunno if I can. That championship looks too juicy, was planning to go to Australia next year anyways, free would be sweet. I think I've given up on my WSOP goal for this year. Bloggerpokertour result yesterday did it in for me. KK vs 77 had it held up would have put me in 2nd in chips with 22 or so players left. Could have ran the table. Instead it put in in a downward spiral of bad luck. AQ vs A8 did me in for good. Whoopee I get a hat and a shirt, maybe a rubber band to go with it. I think I might still play a Full Tilt 100seat WSOP qualifier though. I also can't take a break as I have to play Dream Poker. I think if you earn 3 dream points or so you qualify for their $15k freeroll. Speaking of freerolls I've decided that I would no longer play anymore freerolls that are less than $10k or they give out a seat. Maybe $5k. I'm spoiled, ungrateful, I'm thinking its just not worth the time unless you win. Unless theres like 20 players or so, then its all good. Sorry for the ramble post, too lazy to format or do any linking. Have a headache, and need to goto a wedding in a couple of hours. Hungry now, cya. Happy belated birthday Canada.


Lifesagrind said...

The Blogger Championship blew...
I played about the best game I've played all year and went out set over set to the chip leader who slow played his pocket queens preflop.
Online poker is rigged.

actyper said...

Yeah I was keeping track of your status. Then I notice after being near the top almost the whole tourney, you're out and purechaos - scary poker has a shitload of chips. Set over set ... damn. I'm seriously considering putting a punching bag in the basement.